Swedish Government Goes Down in Flames – Failed out of the Gates

From: swedenreport.org

Löfvén: Socialist democrat, reaching for the stars

The ill-conceived Löfvén government crashed and burned on the runway without ever really taking off. Thank goodness.

As expected, the budget vote led to a crushing defeat for Löfvén, who immediately announced a snap election to take place on March 22. Now, having been soundly defeated once, one might assume he’d realize something needs to change. Nope. Löfvén intends to campaign on the same budget. And he’s planning to campaign alongside extremist party MP, which turned out to be a huge liability the first time around.

MP is supposedly a green party, but they have made immigration their main focus for reasons that remain elusive. Their idea of reducing the carbon footprint is mass immigration of poor people from underdeveloped, warm countries to a cold, highly developed country where everybody including refugees consider a new cell phone every other year a basic human right. And they appear to be just as eager as nationalist party SD to make the March election in effect be a vote for increased or decreased immigration.

This is of course a fight they can’t win. According to the Swedish SOM institute, who runs an annual survey on the attitude towards immigration, the 2014 result reveals that just about half the population wants to decrease immigration and only 18% wants to increase it. And with every other month setting new records, it seems unlikely this will change in MPs favor.

Simply put, time is working against MP and the other pro-immigration parties as more and more Swedes (including older immigrants) are faced with the consequences of biting off waaay more than you can chew.

The smear campaigns in the media will probably reach a new low before this is over, but it’s no use. The SD voters are jaded now. Media did everything they could before last election, and SD STILL more than doubled its mandate. And every time yet another Romanian beggar pops up on the sidewalk is a small nudge in SDs favor.

So what of the four opposition parties, the Alliance? They were ousted from power in September and the former prime minister resigned and stomped off stage on the night of the election. Shouldn’t they be eager for another run?

Uncertain. There are huge challenges for the government in the years ahead, with the bill coming due for the some predicted 500 000 additional immigrants. They know damn well what a can of worms Sweden is. They know. Because they were the ones who stuffed the can and left it for someone else to open.

From: swedenreport.org

“This way to the gulags”

Swedish Justice Center Bombed

By: Anna Molin | online.wsj.com

Comment: This event in Malmö comes as no surprise, this comes in on the heels of “no-go-zones” : recently declared by the Swedish police. Some claim that this is another false flag for vengeance due to the fact that Sweden has recently recognized Palestine. We’ll see where the evidence points to, but it’s clear that these developments would never occur if it wasn’t for multiculturalism and the “vibrancy” of the population replacement agenda in Sweden. These are foreign conflicts and do not belong in a peaceful country, but we all know that those times are over. The elite have pushed this on the Nordic countries and the subservient political ruling class in Sweden have willfully imported them, for the necessary “survival” of Sweden .

An explosive device was placed outside the entrance to the’Rattscentrum’ district court and police building in central Malmo, Sweden. 
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Swedish Police Release Extensive Report Detailing Control Of 55 ‘No-Go Zones’ By Muslim Criminal Gangs

By: Matt Danielsson | From: dailycaller.com

Swedish police have ceded control over 55 “no-go zones” to predominately Muslim criminal gangs.

An extensive report mapping out 55 no-go zones was released Oct. 24, showing where law enforcement has all but handed control to criminal gangs.

Officers frequently face outright attacks when trying to enter the areas, which is a step up from the previous problem with attacks on mailmen, fire trucks, ambulances and similar services. Fire trucks and ambulances had to wait for police escort to enter the areas, but now the police themselves need protection.

The no-go areas heavily coincide with the map of the 186 “exclusion areas” aka. crowded, predominantly Muslim immigrant ghettos, where education is low, employment is lower and the only local business thriving is drug dealing.

As the real law backs away, organized crime emerges to take its place. The police report notes “a wider clientel [in the areas] are increasingly turning to the criminal authorities for justice” in a Godfather-like fashion. Unofficial courts and punishments are often meted out according to the codes of the home cultures of the dominant gangs. The report also points out that there are vehicle checkpoints at the borders of some of these areas. The bad news is it’s not the police doing them; it’s the gangs securing home turf against law enforcement and rival gangs. Continue reading

Swedish ambulance union demands military gear for no-go zones

The Swedish police recently released a map of 55 no-go zones, where law enforcement in effect have ceded control to predominantly immigrant gangs. When I reported it on my blog, some readers expressed disbelief despite the source being readily available and supporting every statement made in my post.

Well, now the Swedish ambulance union is demanding military grade protection gear to enter these no-go zones, since the attacks are growing too frequent and too severe. The list of incidents ranges from slashed tires and smashed windshields to physical violence with machetes and firearms. Blinding drivers with green lasers in an attempt to make them crash is another popular pastime in the no-go zones; this growing sport also frequently afflicts bus drivers, taxis, mailmen, fire trucks and delivery services.

“We need the paramedics to be prepared when entering these hot zones,” said union leader Henrik Johansson. “They need riot helmets, bulletproof vests, shin guards and holsterpacks. That’s the equipment needed to work in this environment. Of course, they also [need to be] equipped with gas masks.”

“So they’ll look like riot police?” The reporter asked.

“No, I’d say military grade gear is called for.”

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Sweden Expecting 1 Million More immigrants to Arrive in the Next 5 Years

By Sven Longshanks | dailystormer.com

What Happened?

Sweden is going full on White Genocide, hoping to flood all White people out completely by adding another 1 million aliens to the ones already there, making Sweden only 2/3 Swedish within 5 years. (That’s an expansion of 1/10 of the population, in just 5 years! There is no room, money or cultural patience for this insanity.) Even then they won’t be slowing down, as with the birth rate of some of the newcomers exceeding 6 times that of the Native Swedes, they could actually make themselves a minority in their own country within a decade!

Way to go, Sweden!

Really great job!



As of 2011, Statistics Sweden reported that around 19.6% or 1.858.000 inhabitants of Sweden had foreign background, defined as born abroad or born in Sweden by two parents born abroad. 



The next five years is expected 1 million immigrants come to Sweden, where mass immigration is hitting new record. This shows the Migration Board’s new forecast.

Only in 2014 is expected to Sweden to receive applications for admission from 202,100 people.

For 2015 the Migration Board’s forecast shows that the total figure lands on 191,570 people.

If the trend continues, it means that one million immigrants will find their way to Sweden over the next five years.

The Swedish people will thus soon be a memory.

Source: dailystormer.com

Sweden – Europe’s closest thing to a fascist, hate-based regime

By Iain Channing | Dispatch International

Kebabland – Part 3

The Englishman Iain Channing returns to Sweden, the country he lived in during the 1980s. What has happened to the safe and well ordered country that was so admired throughout the world? Do people really appreciate the politicians’ radical experiment in social engineering? And what about Malmö – Sweden’s preeminent test tube? Here is Channing’s report – the last of three.

To understand how things have reached this pass—when an ordinary working class guy resorts to a self-censorship gesture used in communist countries—you only need to read the Swedish press. Mass immigration is not quite a taboo, but all criticism of it is censored, distorted or demonized. An almost daily barrage of hate and slander is directed at the Sweden Democrats (SD), the anti-immigration party that is now shaking up Sweden’s cosy coalition-based politics. “SD are trying to delude the working class.” “SD are still racists!” “How far to the right will [SD leader] Jimmy Åkesson go?”

Every single newspaper story I read about SD in a month in Sweden—and there were a lot, because its rise (to 10 percent in the polls) has become a real headache for the establishment—was negative and often littered with childish, abusive epithets originating in World War II. In such an environment, the party does not list an address on its website, and its three top leaders require police protection.

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Swedish man arrested for being too buff

From: theweek.co.uk

Man’s body led Swedish police to suspect steroid use, despite court ruling that muscles alone are not grounds for arrest

Police in Malmö arrested a man after approaching him because his muscular physique led them to suspect steroid use.

They interviewed the man in the street, but their suspicions grew when he was reluctant to answer their questions.

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Race to be scrapped from Swedish legislation

The Swedish government announced that it plans to remove all mentions of race from Swedish legislation, saying that race is a social construct which should not be encouraged in law. 

“We know that different human races actually do not exist,” Swedish Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag told Sveriges Television (SVT).

“We also know that the fundamental grounds of racism are based on the belief that there are different races, and that belonging to a race makes people behave in a certain way, and that some races are better than others.”

The concept of race is included in around 20 Swedish laws, including criminal code, student financial aid laws, and credit information laws. On Thursday the Swedish government began an investigation into how to remove the concept from all legislation, as has been done in Austria and Finland.

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Gallery owner in shock – wants to leave Sweden

By Ingrid Carlqvist | Dispatch International

Eight hours after police stepped into his gallery, apprehended artist Dan Park, and seized at least eight pictures, gallery owner Henrik Rönnquist is still in shock.

– Sure, we joked about Dan being arrested, but never in our wildest dreams could we ever imagine this actually happening. Now, I want to leave Sweden, says Henrik Rönnquist.

Saturday morning, he was happy and excited. He knew that the police was prepared to defend his gallery and his right to exhibit art that challenges the politically correct. When protestors showed up from two different streets, they were held back by police barricades. The only problem was, that so were the people who had actually come to see the pictures.

– I asked the police to let my friends through, and they did. I also asked them to remove a guy who was walking around handing out leaflets saying that this was racist art. They did that too.

However, about half an hour after the exhibition had opened, the police changed their behaviour. The entered the gallery and arrested Dan Park, seized at least eight pictures and explained to Henrik Rönnquist that he wasn’t being arrested “out of consideration for the opening”.

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Swedish youth suicides hit 25-year high

Swedish youth suicides hit 25-year high

Last year 1,600 people in Sweden took their own lives – and for Swedes aged 15 to 24, the numbers haven’t been so high since 1989.

Comment: How many of these are men?

Statistics for 2013 from Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) found that the number of suicides had increased for the second year in a row. In 2011 there were 1,378 suicides in Sweden.

The largest increase was found in people aged between 15 and 24 years old, with 176 people in the age group committing suicide in 2013. The numbers have not been that high since 1989, when 205 people in the 15-24 age group took their own lives.

Oh good, just what the anti-Swedes want, more dead male white boys (men in making). They are a horrible oppressive group of privileged racists that deserve to be dead … right?

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60 cases of female genital mutilation discovered in Swedish school

WhyILeftSweden Comments: Hey Swedes, learn to embrace the enriching diversity that now is coming to your country. We’re now getting culturally enriched with barbaric practices that NEVER have been seen on these lands in the history of the world. Isn’t it great? The ultra delusional left that have ruined Sweden seem to have no problem with this kind of practices. There are politicians in Sweden that absolutely love islam …they love it more then their own heritage, tradition, culture and ancestors. They can’t wait until it’s expanded into the very soul of our national identity and consume it from the inside.

Isn’t Sweden great? A role model for the entire world to follow. We can’t wait to bring our enlightened ways to the rest of the world. To all those poor suckers still living in the dark ages, who not yet have been blessed with the enlightened liberalism that is eroding our very national soul to the ground. Good job Sweden!

Up to 60 cases of genital mutilation among elementary school girls have been discovered in Norrköping in eastern Sweden since March, local media reported. Among the cases, 28 girls were subjected to the most severe form of genital mutilation.

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No (European) Country For White Men: Sweden and the Relentless Pursuit of Diversity

From: occidentinvicta.com

Ah, Sweden. I’ve written about this humble Scandinavian nation on a couple of occasions. Whether I was discussing the chaos in Stockholm that was fomented by ungrateful immigrants or Sweden’s insane enthusiasm for accepting Israel’s unwanted African immigrants, the once proud land of the Vikings never ceases to amaze me with their suicidal liberalism.

But apparently, the insatiable desire of Swedes to undermine their traditional homeland and become more “vibrant” isn’t enough for one Sam Piranty of Al Jazeera. Sam Piranty begins his screed by denouncing the unbearable whiteness of Sweden:

“Last month, I went to Stockholm on a reporting trip. The city seemed idyllic: bicycles aplenty standing unlocked outside at night, Volvos with their doors open and engines running, and not a cigarette butt in sight. In trendy Hornstull, bearded bros high-fived each other over Brooklyn craft beers. But everyone, it seemed, was white.”

Good god, what is this oppressively racist and white supremacist world coming to? How dare white people predominate in a Scandinavian country! I wouldn’t be surprised if these multiculturalists began to demand that Thor and other figures in Scandinavian mythology be reinvented as brown in order to cater to growing diversity. Then, after providing us with harrowing tales about Swedish bigotry and hate crimes, Pirandy invokes colonialism like any good leftist would:

“Sweden’s rising inequality plays a role in these social tensions, but racism is not a new phenomenon in this society. Regularly overlooked in Sweden’s history is its role in the slave trade and colonialism. Under King Gustav III, Sweden held colonies such as Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean and profited directly from the slaves who were “imported onto the island and then sold to French colonies and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Sweden actively participated and embraced the agreements in the dividing up of the African continent in the Berlin conference of 1884–85.”

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The Jewish War on Nordic Sweden: Israeli Government openly exports African illegal immigrants to Sweden

From: nationalistasatrunews.com

A horrific headline and simultaneously a perfect demonstration of the truth occurs every so often and this is one of them, headlines like this, are in the wider media world hidden away, not by bigger headlines, but simply as a result of the quiet, fanatically manipulative efforts of numerous Jewish news editors, their christian-socialist friends and thus entire news agencies, who will do everything to keep the Northern European general population from knowing the truth, they even attempt to keep the racially aware Europeans from knowing the truth, for if the public knew the truth it would cause massive, near terminal damage to the reputation of Jews worldwide and if we find out, we seek to tell our people that they are under assault from Jewish supremacists, almost every area of life is degraded by the efforts of Jewish supremacists, through immigration, degenerate cultural programs or through the banks.

Our folk are starting to wake up to the reality of the genocidal campaign being waged by Jewish-bigots against Northern Europeans, anti-immigrant sentiments at historic highs and the reputation of the Jewish supremacist state and the reality of Jewish spite-fullness are becoming well-known. In this case, it is not just a Jewish agency or two, like Paideia or H.I.A.S promoting and assisting massive numbers of non-whites to invade Northern European and other White countries, now Israel too is engaging directly in the genocidal campaign against Northern Europeans.

It is time this genocidal Jewish-led, authored and executed campaign is exposed.

The Israeli Interior ministry stated that it has exported countless non-white immigrants to Sweden, directly, paying each immigrant 3,500 dollars each to leave Israel.

The immigrants departed Israel on the condition that they do not return to the Jewish state, but stay in Nordic Sweden instead.

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Femme de la Rue: Sexual Harassment In Belgium – Diversity In Action!

You think there much difference between Sweden and Belgium these days? Think again, this is now the everyday life of a majority of European women living in the homelands that their ancestors fought for and built up with blood, sweet and tears.

This is treason and betrayal of the highest degree.

I am Sofie, a 25-year old girl living in Brussels. I moved here two years ago. I love Brussels’ theater, I love the chocolate and waffles, I love guys treating me like a slut all the time… Wait. What?! 

That’s right. Guys talk to me on the street like I have a big sign on my head that says “Whore”. Even if I wear long trousers and a t-shirt, they find it appropriate to call me “baby”, “slut”, “doll” and other degrading names. They follow me around clicking their tongue and asking me where I live, if I’m married and how much it costs to have sex with them. It’s even worse when you wear a skirt or a dress. It can be the most innocent, knee-length flowery dress you can imagine: you are a whore and deserve to be treated that way. This name-calling happens all the time: I counted once, just for “fun”. In the fifteen minutes it took me to walk from my work to my appartement in the centre of Brussels, I was called names like this eleven (ELEVEN) times. That’s almost once a minute. It drives you crazy!

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The Twelfth Viking: Holger the Dane

Holger the Dane is awakening … in all of us Norsemen

By Baron Bodissey | europenews.dk

From: europenews.dk

At the Battle of Poitiers in 732, the Frankish king Charles Martel defeated the Saracens and pushed the forces of Islam back into the Iberian Peninsula.

It was not until 1492 that the Moors were finally thrown out of Europe, but in the meantime the Islamic virus was contained in Spain and Portugal, and thus kept out of the heart of Western Europe.

One of Charles Martel’s comrades-in-arms at Poitiers was a warrior of the North known as Ogier le Danois, later Holger Danske, or Holger the Dane. Although Holger was a historical figure, little is known of him, and most of the written material about him is drawn from legend.

According to the chroniclers, Holger had previously done battle with the Franks over their incursions into Danish territory. But in 732 the menace of the Saracens forced him to set aside his differences with Charles Martel and journey southwards to fight side-by-side with the Frankish forces against the common enemy.

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Jewish activist Anetta Kahane wants to destroy Europe and Sweden via non-European immigration

Anetta Kahane says:

“You have to really change the policy of immigration inside Europe. This is very important, you have to adopt the educational system and adapt all the self understanding of the states. They are not anymore only white or only Swedish or only Portuguese or only German. They are multicultural places in the world.”

Why is this “very important” Anetta Kahane?

There also seem to be a particular obsession with the idea of deconstructing the nation state of Sweden, have you been paying attention to this fact? Sweden is constantly brought up when discussion takes place in this context. Why? Same as Barbara Spectre… who sits in Sweden, with state funding, doing her “good work” to destroy Sweden and Europe from within.

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Muslim “Diversity” Zones in the West – Could This Be Coming to a Street Near You?

Seven reasons why we love the wave of immigration into the west:

Description text from YouTube:

This what a country gets by not standing up to dictators.

Video from: youtube.com

Welcome To Belgistan — The New Muslim Capital Of Europe

Video from: youtube.com

The Effects of Recent Immigration in Germany

Description text from YouTube:

Three minute documentary clip shows the ill-effects of recent muslim immigration into Germany; muslim boys brazenly speak of contempt for native-born Germans, promising they’ll make their best efforts to create chaos and contribute nothing.

Video from: youtube.com

Muslim Immigration Destroying France

Video from: youtube.com

Muslims Turn Violent In Sydney Streets of Australia

The violent anti US protest that shut down Sydney turning the city streets into a bloody battle field have been condemned by leaders on all levels. Six police officers and 17 others were injured when the demonstrations spiraled into chaos. Six men were charged, one faced court.

Video from: youtube.com

Dearborn, MI An Emerging No Go Zone of Islamic Hate and Intolerance

Description text from YouTube:

Dearborn, MI is the first emerging No-Go Zone in the United States for Christians and Jews. Islamic law or in Arabic Shariah Islamiyya, considers proselytizing any other faith besides Islam blasphemous and an offense to Allah.

Dearborn has the largest percentage of Muslims per population than any other county in the United States at 46%. During the 2009 Dearborn Arab International Festival Christians began openly proselytizing resulting in arrests and escalating violence each and every year.

Video from: Dearborn, MI An Emerging No Go Zone of Islamic Hate and Intolerance

The True Face of Immigration – Muslims taking over England

Description text from YouTube:

South Wales BNP speaks of colonization of London footage of back up Nick Griffins statement about London.

Video From: youtube.com

So who is behind the immigration into the west?

See these two videos and you’ll find out:


60 cases of female genital mutilation discovered in Swedish school

From: RT


Up to 60 cases of genital mutilation among elementary school girls have been discovered in Norrköping in eastern Sweden since March, local media reported. Among the cases, 28 girls were subjected to the most severe form of genital mutilation.

The abuse was discovered by health services in a Norrköping school in eastern Sweden, according to a report in local newspaper Norrköpings Tidningar.

Half of the 60 cases were detected in the same year in elementary school. Twenty-eight of these girls were subjected to the most severe form of genital mutilation, when all external genitalia is removed and the genital area is sewn together, with a small opening for urinating left.

Girls exhibiting severe symptoms were the easiest to detect, Petra Blom Andersson, coordinator of the Central Student Health Service, told Norrköpings Tidningar. She added that recurring headaches and severe menstrual cramps were important signals.

“One girl had such severe menstrual pain that she had to be transported from the school by ambulance to the Women’s Clinic,” Andersson said.

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Swedish European Championship gold in asylum seekers

From: avpixlat.info

Sweden belong not only to the countries that receive the most asylum seekers in the EU, but is now number one – not just per capita, but also the highest receiver of ALL the EU countries.

The Swedish population represents 1.9 percent of the European population, but receives 19.5 percent of all asylum seekers arriving in the EU!

Sweden is now letting in over 2000 asylum seekers PER WEEK!

In 2013, it was Sweden who gave most residence permits to asylum seekers – 26,395 people, according to a new report from Eurostat. Germany, in second place and with a population of over 80 million, received 26,080 pieces. Total was just over 135,000 asylum seekers residence in the EU in 2013.

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New Swedish Law Criminalizes Anti-immigration Internet Speech

Sweden is going down the tubes, fast. However, the more they push more will begin to notice.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to Criticize.” – Voltaire

By Selwyn Duke | The New American

You’re free in Sweden to be critical of immigration, those in power, or people identifying as “LBGT” — at least within the confines of your mind. But dare express those views, even on the Internet, and you can now be more easily prosecuted under a new law taking full effect after Christmas.

We recently learned about how anti-immigration Internet commenters in Sweden were tracked down and persecuted. As journalist Pamela Geller wrote:

One of Sweden’s biggest newspapers,Expressen, used criminal hackers to break into Disqus and get the email addresses and identities of commenters online, and to reveal the persons behind the nicknames or anonymous user IDs. The newspaper sent a reporter and a cameraman to one person’s home and asked them about things they had written on different websites. Expressen published the names and photos of some people, which led to at least one person losing his job.

But Sweden’s new law adds another layer of hate-speech prohibition to the social ostracism. As Fria Tider (Free Times) reported (translated electronically from Swedish and then edited for grammar and word usage) in a piece entitled “New Law Makes it Easier to Prosecute Those Who Offend Immigrants or Those in Power,” “The crime of ‘insult’ will be prosecuted — but only for giving offense to immigrants, LGBTQ persons or authorities … [under a] common insult to the public prosecution.” The law has been pushed by Swedish parliamentarian Andreas Norlén, who said, during what Fria Tider described as “an unchallenged debate on the issue in parliament,” “I do not think it takes very many prosecutions before a signal is transmitted in the community that the Internet is not a lawless country — the sheriff is back in town.”

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