Eric Holder: Organized Crime’s Man of the Year hails Sweden as ’human rights champion’

When down is up, and wrong is right, and warmongers receive peace prizes, it’s no surprise that Sweden should be praised for its human rights record by, of all people, Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States (or “Organized Crime’s Man of the Year” as some call him).

George Mantor writes about Holder’s distinguished career in crime:

Eric Holder: Organized Crime’s Man of the Year

If I were a high level criminal, I would sleep with a life-sized blow-up doll of Eric Holder. How could I not love this man?

When it comes to the drug war, we wouldn’t even have one, and that would be very, very bad for very, very big business.

Prohibition is good for big business. It allows for the creation of extraordinary after cost profits while keeping competitors under control.

When you can grow your own weed or get it from your neighbor, the profit drains out of it. If you can grow Asteraceae, you can grow Cannabis. Who the hell would drop four bills for a lid of daisies?

Money laundering? No problem if you do it on a large enough scale. Government keeps the small players out of illegal activities and collects small penalties, commissions really, for not prosecuting the big boys. That is racketeering. HSBC and Wachovia come to mind.

Eric Holder has gone from the role to chief law enforcement officer of the people to a collector of commissions for providing protection to high level criminals.

If you say something the government doesn’t like, he will send a drone for your ass. It seems about the only punishable crimes left in America are speaking out and smoking dope.

Last week, Eric Holder shrugged off prosecuting bankstas because he thought it might be bad for the economy. And, he did it with a straight face.

Refusing to prosecute the largest ongoing global Ponzi scheme in all of history because it could hurt the economy? WTF? What economy? The Ponzi scheme and fiat money are the economy.

Most frustrating of all, perhaps, is that when Holder leaves office, he’ll have a lifetime lucrative job with one of the entities he refused to prosecute. It’s all so blatant. Who could deny that Eric Holder is anything but a facilitator of the corporatocrocy, and certainly not a servant of the people?

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[For more, see Eric Holder’s complete criminal bio]

Holder will be stepping down this year, probably to sighs of relief from the U.S. population. In his time Holder became infamous for a long string of Justice Department scandals including: spying on Associated Press journalists and seizing their phone records, the ’Fast and Furious’ gun trafficking disgrace, and being held in contempt of Congress for withholding documents related to investigations.

The damage has been done, but Holder can’t go without shoring up the stage for the continued ’Egalitarian Utopia’ theater.

During the first ever visit of a top U.S. legal official visit, Holder praised Sweden as a “champion of human rights”.


“I have repeatedly seen the significant, positive difference that Swedish engagement brings to the international stage,” Holder told the gathered audience of politicians, dignitaries, and representatives from various human rights groups in Sweden.

Holder, the first African American Attorney General of the United States, went on to praise Sweden for passing the Discrimination Act of 2008 and for being a leader in recognizing same-sex marriages.

“By becoming the seventh nation in the world to extend the right to marry to gay and lesbian couples, you’ve stabilized families and expanded individual liberty,” he said.

He went on to reference Sweden’s tradition of being a “safe haven” for refugees dating back to the granting of asylum to Jewish migrants fleeing persecution during World War II.

“You’ve shown that, although it is seldom easy, it is both noble and, more importantly, right to fight the short term comfort of indifference; to welcome those who flee from persecution; and to shelter those who struggle to survive in the lands where they were born,” he said.

The speech, billed as a talk about confronting contemporary civil rights challenges, comes as Holder faces questions back home and from leaders in Europe about the surveillance methods of the National Security Agency (NSA).

The issue came up once again during questions following the Tuesday’s speech in Stockholm, when Holder was asked whether individual privacy protections need to be strengthened following revelations about the extent of the NSA’s data gathering activities.

“The activities undertaken by the NSA are legal under American law,” Holder pointed out.

“But that doesn’t answer the question. Simply because we have the technical ability to do certain things and the legal ability to carry out certain surveillance activities, the question we need to ask ourselves is whether or not this is something that we should do.”

He added that he, along with the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, is now engaged in an effort to review US surveillance methods.

“It’s with the understanding that we want to keep the American people safe; we want to help keep the citizens of our allies safe,” said Holder, adding he hopes to “strike a balance”.

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This message is a striking discord to what journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has voiced regarding society and law in Sweden, stating the country is the “Saudi Arabia of feminism”.

Considering the known human right abuses and other implementations of “soft tyrannical policies” in Sweden, it’s strange that Holder would approve of Sweden like this. Or is it?

Why would Eric Holder praise Sweden?

Well, they banned homeschooling

Swedish social child services still haven’t given back the abducted Domenic to the Johansson family

Sweden as a trailblazer is pushing for the end of cash

Sweden has illegally wiretapped since at least 1970 by SÄPO

Then in 2008 it finally became “legal”: See here and here

The program has since expanded immensely

They’ve been promoting neutrality, while arming the world

And despite the Swedish model / the Nordic model is continuing to be promoted,cracks in the facade have finally become visible to some that have been pushing it as a cure-all

Again, there is the Assange story and how Sweden treated him

Not to mention the CIA and NATO connections

Or the accusations that Swedish authorities are separating innocent families

Also, please never speak of the ongoing gender war, and how by law, Swedish men are 2nd class citizens

Even homeless people in Sweden are forced to pay mandatory TV-license fees to fund the state owned propaganda machine

Chillingly, Sweden is a stalkers paradise, where no privacy remains

So yes, of course a criminal like Eric Holder would promote and praise a system that completely ignores human rights, is involved in social engineering on a massive scale, and promotes a “soft tyranny” to the extent that British author Ronald Huntford in the late 70’s realized that Sweden had fulfilled the role of the Orwellian state that George Orwell predicted in his book, 1984. You can read more about The New Totalitarians here.

For all the things you never knew about Sweden, please listen and learn:

Red Ice Radio: What You Didn’t Know About Sweden

“The Boss” Goes Senile, Thinks USA should be more like Sweden


See the comment below the article for more on this nonsense.

During a press conference in Paris, The Boss explained that much of the inspiration for his new album, set for release on March 6th, is anger at what he sees as the crushing of the American Dream in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

“I have friends who lost everything they had,” Springsteen explained, according to the Dagens Nyhter (DN) newspaper.

In 2009, he put pen to paper began writing the album’s lead track “We take care of our own”.

“In this song, I pose a number of questions. Questions which I later try to find answers to in other songs,” said Springsteen.

The 62-year-old rocker claimed the 2008 financial crisis was the result of decades of deregulation that spawned an ethic of unbridled greed.

“We’ve destroyed the idea of an equal playing field,” he said, according to the AFP news agency.

When asked if he thought the United States should be changed into something closer to a Swedish-style welfare state, Springsteen responded enthusiastically.

“Exactly! That’s my dream! It’s written between the lines. But you have to listen very closely,” he said, according to DN.

When informed that tickets for his scheduled performances in Gothenburg on July 27th and 28th sold out in less than an hour, The Boss once again expressed his solidarity with the Swedes.

“Those are my people over there! Those are my people!” he said.



It’s very simple Bruce, move to Sweden before you blurb out this stupid nonsense.

This guy is either seriously ill or are in bed with the volatile Fabian elite that are in the process of socialising america.

Sweden’s social and economic model is a poison that everyone in the world should stay as far away from as they can. After living 33 years in it, I have come to no other conclusion. Warning! Warning! Dystopian THX 1138 society is closing in.

You know what, here’s an idea. Let’s strip Bruce Springsteen of his net worth (believed to be around $100 Million), let’s also take away his fame and “Rockstar” title (in other words we’ll make him “equal”). He can then learn the Swedish language and make a trip in his private jet to one of our gulags here in Sweden outside Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö. Let him live there for about 10 years or so, trying to get by in an apartment the size of a shoe box that you pay out the ass for, while trying get job …or let’s have him try starting his own business or making it as a musician again, from scratch.

Do that Bruce, then we can talk more about your desire to see America being turned into Sweden.

During the Swedish imigration to the United States in the 19th and early 20th centuries, about 1.3 million Swedes left Sweden for the United States. That’s a LOT. There’s a reason for that! The country sucked … and it still sucks! The emigrants were leaving behind not only a starvation population but a state and church that actively was enforcing their psychopathic tyranny over it’s people. The brave and smart ones left! If you think that the feudal state that this country was built on has magically just gotten better by itself you’re mistaken Bruce.

If “the Boss” think’s that the playing field is “not equal ” in America, as he states in the article, then he can come here to Sweden (live and work here) and then realize that there basically IS NO playing field here.

People “play house” in Sweden. Parental government has created a class of grown up children …this is just what the government wants.

Bruce advocates monopoly, state control, no mom and pop stores, surveillance and no choice, does he know this?

He thinks that things in Sweden are like they are in America. They are not. There is not the same level of entrepreneurship in Sweden as in America. There is basically no “service”, (no kindness), no customer rights or support. Employees make no tip, extra for “trying better” or “trying harder”, there’s  and no incentive to be service minded because everyone is “equal” and no one is “special” or “better then any body else”. There is no hospitality in Sweden anymore …it’s long gone.

Swedes have become cold, introverted, difficult, depressed and sad in so many ways. I don’t remember it always being so bad. I think the system has caught up with us and we now KNOW that we lack option and ability to fulfill our dreams.

He needs to understand that government monopoly and bureaucratic control is creating a very VERY cold society. I try my best to be kind and see goodness and kindness in people, but oh boy do I struggle to see and feel it out there on the streets (in large towns or a small villages doesn’t seem to matter).

The government, with its over taxation, is choking the life out of business and the people who own’s those businesses. They are hitting us at the at the source. It’s practically impossible to “make it” in Sweden (unless you’re well connected). You can’t make a move without the right forms. Authority is pervasive. Talent is not appreciated here and there’s also a very sick anti-individual communitarian philosophy that have created a people that subconsciously hate anyone that does things differently, thinks differently or believes they have answers to problems.

No one likes a “know-it-all” or a smart ass that think they are better then you.

To encourage natural talent is to encourage a show-off and no one likes a show-off. You should be ashamed if you’re “special”.

“Going Sweden” is NOT going to fix your problems America! Reinstate the Glass-Stegall act, end the Federal Reserve, stop usury, fractional reserve banking and proceed on the path towards freedom. Let people do business and trust that they will manage to do it right. Innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

In the audio commentary: The Nordic Model, a Template for Global Enslavement, the danger of how this social and economic model is being promoted around the world and in America is addressed to a certain degree.

This “advocacy” of Sweden’s shitty government system by Bruce is yet another example in a long list of of outspoken “influential” people that are participating in the ongoing campaign to sell it to the stupid people who actually listens to a “rockstars” political views. The Nordic Model is offered as the “fix” and solution to the most recent economic problems the world has been facing.

This promotion and enthusiasm is coming largely from people who never lived or operated in Sweden. They know nothing about the country. It’s also being promoted by politicians and Fabian socialist like Michael Moore, Jon Stewart,  Tom Hartman and many, many more.

Politicians promote this system because it pays off well for them, they control the game and corruption is easy because people are asleep, no one cares and no one notices or says anything. The system has created a population that basically 100% controllable under the rules and regulations.

It creates a docile and conformist mentality, protest or even discussion about anti-authoritarian subject are pretty much non-existent.

This is why you hear no critisims from Swedes. They think they live in one of the best countries in the world. They are lucky. They know, they see starving kids on TV when it’s time to make a contribution of your hard earn over taxed monthly government hand out to the very entertaining aid-gala spectacle.

It’s very expensive in Sweden, the taxes are very high, there are basically no options, the government hold many monopolies and there is no energy or life left in the people to try to create their own options, solutions or to start their own businesses, It’s just to much work!  It’s to much regulation and bureaucracy involved and most people give up before even trying.

Sweden is not a “wellfare state”, there is no such thing. It’s an illware state. Nothing here is “FREE” as some people think. Nothing is free under socialism Bruce! YOU pay out the ass for it. Health care is “preemptive”, meaning that the government tax you on your money before you’ve even had a chance to “get sick” (they trust you will).

The health care system is collapsing in Sweden, people are getting sicker and sicker, no kids are born, the high taxes remain high and we’re getting nothing for it.

Brice Springsteen, that so many people unfortunately listen to, has NO IDEA what life on the ground is like in Sweden.

Swedes love to hear that Bruce loves Sweden. They love think kind of stuff. They love to be ensured by authority, idols or outsiders that Sweden is “the best country in the world”. Makes ’em feel good, makes them even more obedient to the system that is enslaving them and restricting the from choice, individuality and freedom.

I don’t understand why “equality” is such an highly held goal. I like difference. I consider it to be an extreme act of violent to sacrifice individuality to an intrusive government that does everything it can to get in your business and to enforce “sameness” that kills you ability to be different.

The social economic model called the Nordic Model is one of the worst. It has no mercy on the smallest minority there is, this being the individual.

There is no perfect country and there’s a lot of bad things going on in a lot of countries around the world right now, but this completely unbalanced discussion and illusion that Scandinavian is some kind of utopia has to be shattered. It’s complete lies. Go there, live there and then can have talk about it.

Lies and Unfounded Promotion of the Nordic “Death” Model

Listen to “The Nordic Model, a Template for Global Enslavement” (link to mp3 file) from February 10, 2012 for background on WHY the Nordic model is one of the most dangerous political and philosophical social models in the world.

I’m in it and I can tell you that it will kill your country and turn the citizens into slaves.


In this article you can read lies about the Swedish welfare state and the tax system. The article is written by a “progressive” American who probably never lived in Sweden and most definitively never operated a business here.

The article argues the greatness of the tax system and complains on american conservatives for pointing out the horrors of the system. The author doesn’t seem to understand that independent business owners as so heavily taxed in Sweden that most never stay around long enough to be able to employ or expand their businesses. The social fees, thanks to the unions, are beyond belief and the profit margins for most small businesses are razor thin. This creates problems because there is not really any opportunity for the business owners to compete with larger already established businesses. This results in fewer options for the consumers, worse service, less business and fewer jobs.

Before new started businesses even had the chance to kick off their new business and gotten the ball rolling. The tax office asks for estimated profit of the company and before you even had a chance to make any money, they tax you on the estimate.

Unions are in bed with the government in Sweden and they have managed to milk so much tax money out of businesses that they A) are so big (like Volvo) that they choose to move their production and factories elsewhere (this is frankly understandable) or B) they are to small and they go under because they can’t employ, can’t expand and make enough revenue to go around.

From the article:

According to those US statistics, Swedish workers are paid more per hour than US workers when you factor in both wages and benefits.

Getting more money doesn’t solve anything! It’s not HOW MUCH YOU MAKE: It’s how much you PAY. It’s all in comparison to what you pay for rent and/or your house, your food and. It’s also relative to how much money goes to paying the tax trolls.

The income tax in Sweden is 48.3% (Direct Tax 32% and “Indirect” tax (means social fees and other garbage) is 31.42%.

Add to this that you also have a sales tax (VAT) on ALL food and services of 25%. This can also be higher depending on how “god”, sorry I mean the government determines it. For example, the tax on gas is 60%! For car owners there is also a yearly set tax on your car depending on what kind of vehicle you drive. There is also a road tax that you pay each year.

Taxes are also higher on alcohol. All the beer and booze sold in Sweden is ONLY allowed to be sold by government owned and operated liquor stores called “Systembolaget“. In other words this government owned enterprise is a monopoly. This means great a “vibe” for those who wish to go pick up a nice bottle of wine for the weekends. The choices are very limited.

For many years there has also been reports of corruption with crooks going from the political world over to sitting on the board of Vin & Sprit AB the largest importer in the world for alcohol. This is the company that supplies Systembolaget with their products.

The people high up in Vin & Sprit AB also receives massive bribes from liquor producers in other countries becase those companies obviously want to make sure that they end up on the list of products that Vin & Sprit AB and Systembolaget provides to all of their 510 outlets around the country.

From the article:

Most people are familiar with the idea that Europeans don’t have to spend their after-tax money on health care


The author doesn’t understand that we pay to go to the doctor just like Americans. We pay to see the doctor, we pay to get treatment, get medicin, surgery or ANY kind of medical assistance. It isn’t FREE! Nothing is free! Furthermore, our high taxes was SUPPOSED to pay for the medical bills yes? Well, it doesn’t. So we pay for the government to provide us with medical help. This is horrible, this results in a very VERY bad “service” 8if you can call it that) and there are basically NO OPTIONS and NO COMPETITION to this system.

I’d rather keep the government out of my pocket, save the money myself or take out insurance and then IF something happens to me I can go to a hospital that provides a good service and I’ll pay for it.

What we have in Sweden can be likened to “preventive medicine”. The government logic is: we’ll take your money right away, in case something happens to you later. For someone not running to the doctor or being in accidents, is this fair?

I emailed the author Nathan Newman:

Hi Nathan

I was reading your article today: and I just wanted to ask you a few questions if you have the time.

How long did you live in Sweden?
What kind of business did you run there?

All the best
Henrik from Sweden


From: Henrik Palmgren
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 02:46:09 +0100
To: Nathan Newman
Subject: Regarding “Why Swedish Left Keeps Winning”

It was a statistical comparison of the countries from a decade ago. Haven’t lived there.


Ta daa! There you have it folks. Need I say more?

Nathan, before you eagerly promote the left in Sweden why don’t you come live here, oh also start a business, we’ll see how you like it, then we can talk about statistics.

You’re looking at this from an American perspective.

Socializing America further, dragging it closer to the left is not going to fix your problems. it will gonna

“Conservative” Niinistö, New president (as of 2012) of Finland defends the Nordic Model. He defends a big public sector. i .e. big fat ugly government.


There are more lies beig put out by the Economist, regrading the Nordic Model and the “conservative” choice of President in Finland:

This election has confirmed that, as in Sweden (if not Denmark), the centre-left in much of Europe is weak and it is the conservatives who are making the running on policy. Finns are more concerned to boost jobs and growth than to protect welfare, reinforcing the strong economic performance of the Nordic model that has made their region into one of the world’s richest and most successful.


American Socialist Thom Hartmann is continousley putting out lies about the Nordic Model and he praise Denmark all the time. (The article was originaly posted on AlterNet, has since been removed but exists in the forum post we linked up

He argues in the article that Denmark is the best place in the world and that paying more TAXES would increase wages!!!

He is either an idiot or a liar.

I’ve done the math argued in the article and there’s a lot he excludes or simply leaves out.

Minimum Wage in USA: 7.25$
Minimum Wage in Denmark 18$

WOW great! right!?

NO! Because if you look at the income taxes, sales taxes on ALL food and services, road taxes, gasoline taxes, congestion charges, alcohol taxes, tobacco taxes (if you use tobacco) and taxes and social fees on employees etc etc then you acctually end up with LESS money at the end of the day in Denmark compared to the United States on minimum wage, because the expenses are huge, especially if you live somewhere like Copenhagen.

Income Tax in USA: 13% (for minimum wage)
Income Tax Denmark: 45% to a high 56% (no matter if you have “minimum wage”)
Income Tax in Sweden: 48.3% (Direct Tax 32% – “Indirect” Tax (means Social Fees and other GARBAGE) 31.42%

Welcome to Paradise Thom Hartmann! You’re an idiot! You come live here in the Nordic Death Model and try to start a business and see how you like it!

Here is a post that tells some of the truth about Denmark from one of his own readers, on his own forum:

you have to stop this Danish fixation you are on. You are not portraying the real Denmark, I think I may have one up on you on this one, it’s my “home” country. (Raised in Denmark and live in the US, with all my family still in Europe).

I know, for the past few years the people of Denmark have been “voted” the happiest people in the world, it’s complete BS, but a fantastic ploy to get tourist to come visit “Wonderful Copenhagen”. Denmark is the largest user of happy pills per capita in the world, I think that may just have something to do with their happiness. A happiness measured on what they have and can buy in material goods, this according to a Danish poll I heard 3 weeks ago while in Denmark.

The anger and tensions in Denmark, is so prevalent that I for one feel safer in NYC then in Copenhagen.

Your idea that the right-wingers in Denmark base their entire platform on anti immigration and racism, is very misunderstood to say the least. Besides their racist agenda, there is nothing the right wing parties would rather do than privatize the entire social sector and state run agencies. And they are well on their way to ruin what was, to become just another corporate institution in the world of lobbyist and capitalism run amok.

Just like here, the rich pays no tax, Maersk (richest Dane) is an example of someone who is tax free and treated like royalty for donating the new opera that the state now have to pay millions (Kroner) every year just to run and maintain.

The former PM in Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, G.W. Bushes best friend and now NATO Sec.Gen. Was such an idiot that the reason Denmark is not much further in the development of reusable energy is all his. Denmark is actually far behind some other countries because the right wing government under Fogh de-funded reusable energy research.

I hope you’ll take another look at Denmark, without a Danish Radio tourist guide by your side, because the Dane is just like any other patriot, they want to show you their best and prettiest side.

Denmark is far from a Wonderland, it’s actually fast becoming the very dark spot on the European map, this according to several European opinions across the continent.


Read more on his forum: