The Million Programme – This is What Happens When Government Takes Care of “Housing”

A Warm welcome to Sweden!

The Million Programme (SwedishMiljonprogrammet) is the common name for an ambitious housing programme implemented in Sweden between 1965 and 1974 by the governing Swedish Social Democratic Party to make sure everyone could have a home at a reasonable price. The aim of the programme was to build a million new dwellings in a 10-year period (hence the project’s name). At the same time, a large proportion of the older unmodernised housing stock was demolished.

In the end, about 1,006,000 new dwellings were built. The net result was an increase in Sweden’s housing stock of 650,000 new apartments and houses, with a general rise in quality, arguably at the expense of aesthetics. (ARGUABLY!?!?!??)

The new Million Programme residential areas were greatly inspired by early suburban neighbourhoods such as Vällingby and Årsta. One of the main aims behind the planning of these residential areas was to create “good democratic citizens“. The means of achieving this were to build at high quality with a good range of services including schools, nurseries, churches, public spaces, libraries, and meeting places for different groups of households. A principal aim, although ultimately unsuccessful, was to mix and integrate different groups of households through the spatial mixing of tenures. Most of the apartments were of the “standard three room apartment” type (Swedish: normaltrea) of 75 m², planned for a model family of two adults and two children.

The centralized planning committee of the Socialist dictatorships have determined that THIS is how you produce a “GOOD DEMOCRATIC CITIZENS“. Let them live in these:

I weep for Swedes who has lived and died in these inhuman conditions.

Did I mention suicide rates in any of my posts yet?

Many of these building are now undergoing intense renovation. It’s a shame, they should be nuked!