By law, Swedish men are 2nd class citizens

Sweden European flag

By Lucian Vâlsan | From:

On December 20, on AVfM Radio Program, a caller said that men and women are treated more equally in Europe and mentioned Sweden and Switzerland as the prominent examples.

Although I am sure that it was not the caller’s intention to spread disinformation, at least as far as Sweden is concerned, I beg to differ on that statement big time.

As a Swedish speaker and a connoisseur of the misandric matriarchal society of the gender utopia called Sweden, I took the liberty to look through the Swedish laws and translate some of them in order to make the readers get an idea of how it is to be a man in Sweden.

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Swedish feminists on the warpath against hate

Here is more on Swedish State-Feminism and the theater groups advocating murder and violence against men.

By Joakim Ramstedt | From:

Sweden Blood

Some of you might remember the infamous Swedish film clip where a group of Swedish feminists calling themselves S.C.U.M Sweden,  produced and posted a video on Youtube  depicting the point-blank shooting and murder of a man reading a newspaper. Read more about it here. Now another video have been posted on Youtube. This time they even threaten the swedish prime minister. This time it´s another radical left wing feminist group who call themselves “Skabbteatern” (Scabies theater) who are the producers. This new masterpiece is called “Du är en fitta, din fitta” (You are a cunt you cunt). They do love the C word, those feminists.

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Some questions about SCUM

This article indeed shows how far it has gone in Sweden when it comes to State-Feminism.


Late last night/early this morning I was contacted by Eigil Söderin, the editor of the Swedish newspaper ETC. The purpose of Söderin’s contact was to ask interview questions about recent activism from AVfM that centered on a controversial Swedish video which depicted a group of young women murdering an innocent man and celebrating their actions with dance and orgasmic joy.

The questions were relevant, if a little superficial, so I thought they deserved to be answered. As I don’t know when the interview will be published, or under what editorial “flavor,” I thought it best to share the unedited questions and answers here with AVfM readers.

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Fun With Swedish SCUM

While the murder is plainly staged, the sadistic glee has every appearance of being genuine. The plain endorsement of murder is also unambiguous. The portrayed murder is followed by the ecstatic giggling of a handful of other females, and an impromptu dance celebration. The woman who apparently shoots a newspaper-reading man appears to have an spontaneous orgasm following the killing. A minor discontinuity in the video shows where most of the orgasm was edited out. Killing for no apparent reason is i guess nothing to hide from the public, but dampening your panties over it apparently is.