The Kurt Haijby Affair

Seems like the Frenchman Bernadotte who currently occupy the Swedish throne is not the only one in the family with sex and debauchery issues.

The following I did not know about King Gustav V of Sweden.

King Gustaf V of Sweden

The Haijby affair was a political affair in Sweden in the 1950s, involving the conviction and imprisonment of Kurt Haijby for blackmail of King Gustaf V.

Haijby was born in 1897 as Kurt Johansson. In 1912 he and another boy scout were granted an audience with king Gustaf V. When Johansson grew older he lived a life in crime and was convicted several times for theft and fraud. While trying to escape prison he shot a police officer dead. After being released he changed his name and tried to open a restaurant. As he was a convicted criminal he could not get a licence to sell liquor. He then applied to the king and was granted a second audience in 1932 to put forward his case. The king, Gustav V, then allegedly seduced Haijby.

Kurt Haijby

Haijby’s wife, Anna Haijby, when learning about this, filed for divorce, citing her husband’s sexual relationship with the king as cause for divorce. Fearing that this would become known, court officials convinced the couple to settle for an amicable no-fault divorce. Haijby was encouraged to emigrate to the United States, where he was to receive 3,000 Swedish kronor from the royal court and start a new life. However, when he arrived in the USA, there was no money for him. He had to return to Sweden where he, unemployed and penniless, asked for support from the court.

During several years, money from the court financed a number of failed enterprises that Haijby tried. There is no evidence of outright blackmail on Haijby’s part, but the court was obviously trying to buy his silence. In all, Haijby received 170,000 Swedish kronor from the court and perhaps much more from the king’s private funds.

Haijby later claimed that he was the lover of the king in the years between 1936 and 1947.
In 1938 Haijby was arrested for child sexual abuse and put in custody at the asylum of Beckomberga. This was the result of political pressure from the governor of Stockholm, Torsten Nothin. The psychiatrist in charge of the asylum did not believe that Haijby was in need of psychiatric care and eventually released him. The child abuse case was never brought to court.

A new deal was arranged where Haijby in 1938 was forced to emigrate to Nazi Germany . There, he was put in prison by Gestapo, probably by request of the Swedish court. Unlike most Gestapo prisoners, Haijby was not tortured and, for most of the time, kept in decent conditions. Charges were then brought against him for sexual relations with a young boy. He was sentenced to prison and banished to Sweden after having served his sentence.
He was reunited with his ex-wife, who paid him a stipend using a police officer as a middleman. Haijby was to believe that the money came from the court.

In 1947 he published a roman à clef. The entire first printing was then bought by the court and destroyed. It was actually Haijby’s ex-wife who paid. But the coverup effort proved to be in vain. The novel was reprinted and distributed twice, in 1952 and 1979.
Haijby was again, because of political pressure, committed to an asylum.
In the meantime, another scandal, the Kejne affair, had broken in the press where Vilhelm Moberg was busy writing lengthy articles about homosexual conspiracies among the Swedish officials.

Haijby reported his forced detention in the asylum at Beckomberga to the Attorney General of Sweden. These papers were immediately classified, but were smuggled out of the Attorney General’s office by Vilhelm Moberg, and the whole affair thus came to public attention. The actions of officials to suppress the claims caused acrimonious debate in parliament and the media. As a consequence, the court charged Haijby for acts of blackmail.

In 1952, after a parody of a fair trial, Haijby was sentenced to eight years hard labor for blackmail, which in 1953 was reduced to six years by a court of appeals. Haijby committed suicide in 1965 .

Haijby had reported the treatment he had received to the Swedish Chancellor of Justice. The results of the investigations, the bulk of which were classified until 1981, effectively acquitted the monarchy. There is nothing to support the claim that Haijby was seduced by the king as a young boy, but most commentators believe that he had a sexual relationship with the king in the 1930s. It is well known that the king was homosexual, and in his old age he became rather uninhibited about it.

However, the fact that the Swedish court was prepared to pay Haijby such large sums to suppress his accusations has by some been taken as evidence that they were true.

Restrictions on Freedom of Assembly in Swedish Society

Ever wondered why they left?

Conventicles placard or “Konventikelplakatet” was a decree of January 12, 1726, which forbade conventicles (prayer meetings in homes, except for family devotions). “Konventikelplakatet” was directed against the pietistic movement, in order to safeguard the “unity in religion” which, by that time perception was necessary for the perpetuation of society. Violation of the regulation could result in severe penalties.

In the 1800s, the “konventikelplakatet” was also used against the “Ropar Movement” and the Free Church movement. Many refused to acquiesce to the spiritual straitjacket, and preferred to emigrate - mostly to North America. The first big wave of emigration in 1840 - and 1850s was due in part to the relentless law. From almost all parts of the country came petitions calling for the abolition of the law. The issue was discussed at several Parliaments, but not until October 26, 1858 was the placard proclamation repealed (58 YEARS LATER!!!)

A new, slightly more lenient law came in its place. Meetings without the guidance of a priest was still not allowed during the regular worship time without special permission. As early as December 11, 1868 this law was also replaced. Now it was said that if such a meeting would be held during the general service time, it was not allowed to be held so close to the church that it interfered with the peace and order.



If you gathered with your friends and/or family in your own home, the sheriff or the local cleric could always claim that you held home church meetings, hence breaking the “Conventicles placard”. They didn’t care if you talked about Hebrew propaganda or an insane “god” called Yahweh. The fact is that the authorities didn’t want Swedes to assemble, complain about the way church and state tortured their subject and potentially “plot” against the power elite. They learned their lesson from Dacke, and didn’t want to have another revolutionary war on their hands. So they decided to nail us with this stupid law that divided us and prevented us from cooperating. This beautiful “legacy” has today created a population that is scared of cooperating or simply talking about helping each other out. Swedes are conformist and very rule obsessed. Swedes are also very isolated, fearful and hardly communicates or cooperates. I believe that the Swedish people have been traumatized over hundreds of year by the church’s persecution, state tyranny and the wars. This today, I believe, is hardwired into the Swede (almost genetically) and it is reflected in the way the current tyrannical government of Sweden is being run and how it’s accepted by the “domesticated” population.

Read more about about freedom of assembly

Catechism – Mandatory Household Examinations by Clergy in Swedish Homes

This is the “Small Catechism” = “Lilla katekesen” by Martin Luther.

This is one of the books that all people in the old (19th century) Sweden
had to study and was included in the examinations of the “clerical survey”
so often referred to in genealogy.

Those examinations were ordered by a law called “Konventikelplakatet” in
1726 but already in the 17th century there were orders that the “klockare”
in the parish should teach all children to read and understand the contents
of “Lilla Katekesen”

There is also a “Stora Katekesen” – a more comprehensive text on the same
topics – but that was used only (mostly) by more learned people and not
included in the “household examinations”.

It has been used since the “reformation” in the 16th century and of course
re-translated several times.

The importance of “Lilla Katekesen” in the old Swedish society can hardly be
underestimated. It was used not only as a source of religious knowledge but
was equally important as the first “reader” – the texts being used for
learning to read. It also served as a small dictionary and most editions had
a “väggtavla” section at the end – a number of general advice to different
people like the husband, the wife, the child, the labourer etc – advice and
rules for “good and rightous living”

“Lilla katekesen” was one of three books in rural families along with the
“psalmbok” (book of hymns, hymnal) and The Holy Bible. The Bible was more
expensive and not every home owned one so on Sundays neighbours often
gathered in someone elses home to hear the reading – especially on occasions
when they could not attend the service in the church (bad weather etc)
It was the duty of every “husfader” (head of household) to read from these
books to his family at least once a week.


Evidence that Sweden’s Economy is Great – Homeless in Line at the Soup Kitchen

This photo is of the line to the soup kitchen for the homelessness in Stockholm, March 25, 2012:

Doesn’t Sweden has a fantastic welfare system?

Isn’t the economy great?

This is what we have been told!

Here is the line from Aftonbladet:

According to the party that now controls the Swedish government and many of our municipalities, including Stockholm, it seems that we are now live in a strange kind of hallucinatory state. Things that many of us now see is experienced by the New Moderates as annoying fantasies. The systematic denial of the major social problems makes the political discussion difficult.


More taxes is not going to fix this problem. More socialism is not going to fix this problem. Giving people an opportunity to start business and employ without being taxed to death is the ONLY solutions to this problem. Let people spend their own money, with flow there is growth. The left is now complaining on the “conservative” party in power. The Moderate party is as left as the rest. Idiots!

The Dark Side of Government Schooling in Sweden

In 2011 Sweden banned homeschooling “except under exceptional circumstances,” forcing some families to immediately leave the country in order to continue homeschooling and others to stay and see what would happen. Those who stayed have faced very stiff fines for every day they homeschool their children, though to date no one has been taken to court for payment. But it appears this will soon change. Swedish educationists want to be sure that children have the right to go to school, but not the reciprocal right to decline and learn in other types of settings, such as at home and in their communities. A strange “right” this is—the right to be forced to attend school under threat of fines, the right to lose your children to social services, and the right to only follow instructions from government agencies about what you can and can’t do for your children’s education.

There is a Swedish news article about making this explicit in their law; my friends in Sweden have translated this blog entry by one of the proposal’s proponents, Lotta Edholm:

Today I have written an opinion piece together with Ann-Katrin Åslund (Liberal Party) in Aftonbladet asking that the social services act be changed so that the social authorities have the possibility act when children are held from away school by their parents – often for religious or ideological reasons. Every child has a right to an education. The school law states that education shall “be designed in accordance with democratic values and human rights”. This is incompatible with a system where parents simply can refuse to send their children to school and the social services has no support in law to intervene. Deputy Minister of Social Affairs, Maria Larsson, who is also responsible for conditions for children, should take an initiative to change the social services act so that the social authorities can intervene when children are kept away from school by their parents.


There are significant differences in social attitudes and laws between Sweden and the United States, so it is not useful to simply say that US law is better than Swedish law and they should be more like us. But there is a very strong assumption by the Swede’s that education is a science that can only performed by those who are certified in it, and challenging that perception may be the hinge for successfully challenging the Swedish homeschooling ban. Here are some ideas on that topic:

If there is one correct way to educate all children, why are there so many different pedagogies? If education is only the result of instruction performed by professionals in schools, why do countries with lots of educational options, such as Finland and Denmark, flourish? There is a large research base that supports informal learning and other models besides government schooling: How does Sweden justify ignoring a human’s innate ability to learn on his or her own, as we’ve done for centuries before compulsory schooling became the norm (around 1850), as well as all the research that supports intrinsic motivation, autodidactic behavior, and learning by doing as deep sources for educational excellence? What about the Pippi Longstockings—those children who do not respond to control and prediction in classroom settings but nonetheless succeed in life? Getting parents involved in their children’s education is vital according to every piece of research I have read, so why must parents stop at a certain point? Why must education be either/or (school/homeschool) and not both/and? I can go on, but I’ll stop here for now.

Underlying a lot of this discussion, from what I can tell by reading in translation, is also a fear of “the other”: people whose religious, educational, or political beliefs are different from the government’s beliefs. We have struggled with this issue in our own country and have created a pluralist society that tolerates many ways of living and growing, though it is hardly perfect. Nonetheless, we are at least making an effort at inclusion in the United States; it remains to be seen if such tolerance for “the other” will continue in Sweden.

New Education Law Makes Homeschooling Illegal in Sweden

How the Swedish Government voted against a human right.
The Swedish Parliament passed a new school law on Tuesday, June 22, 2010.

This is the first completely re-written school law since 1985 and it is about 1500 pages long. Two or three of these pages concern ”completing the school obligation in other ways”, or in other words homeschooling. The new law even further restricts an already highly restrictive policy on homeschooling in Sweden, making it pretty much illegal. Here is the story.

What does the new law on homeschooling say?

The writing on homeschooling in the new law is basically the same as in the old law. The law requires a fully satisfactory alternative to school and that the authorities can look into the homeschooling. However, the new law adds a third requirement: “there must be exceptional circumstances”. Lawyers have told us that “exceptional circumstances” in a Swedish juridical context means as close to a definite “no” as you can get, regardless of the circumstances.

Also in the motivational text of the law, which explains how the new law on homeschooling is to be interpreted, the following can be read (my translation):

“Current school conventions make it clear that the education in school shall be comprehensive and objective, and thereby be created so that all pupils can participate, no matter what religious or philosophical views the pupil or its legal guardian/s may have. In accordance with this it is the opinion of the Government that there is no need of a law to make possible homeschooling based on the religious of philosophical views of the family.”

Page 523 in Prop. 2009/10:165 (Swedish Government proposition)

This means that religious or philosophical convictions are no longer valid reasons for homeschooling under the new school law.

How Rohus worked to stop the law

Using all of its rather limited resources Rohus has worked vigorously to stop this new law ever since it was proposed on June 15, 2009. Rohus was asked by the Ministry of Education to give a consideration on the new law, which we did in September 2009 in a full 228 pages. During the spring we have lobbied Members of Parliament and written countless e-mails to the Parliament and to the Government. We have worked hard with media getting more published articles and TV-spots on homeschooling in the last six months than probably in the last ten years all put together. We have sent many requests to the Minister of Education asking for a meeting, but have always been turned down. In the last week before the vote Rohus wrote one e-mail per day, each with a new argument for homeschooling, to all 349 Members of Parliament. Several members responded to us in agreement or disagreement. Obviously, there was a reaction to the e-mails we were sending.

In the vote of the new law the red-green opposition – the Social-democrats, the Green Party and the Leftist Party – voted against the law with the basic reason that there was not enough time to evaluate the law. The centre-right government side of the parliament voted for the law – the Liberal Party, the Moderate Party, the Centre Party and the Christian Democrats. Thereby this centre-right Swedish Government approved of a law clearly violating human rights in Sweden.

No true majority for all aspects of the new lawIn truth, however, there was no majority in Parliament in favour of passing the whole law. We knew from the e-mail responses and from personal meetings with several Members of Parliament that they were probably a dozen members on the Government side who did not want to restrict homeschooling. How could the law still be passed? ”Well, such is democracy”, says a member of the Christian Democratic Party, one of those who did not want to restrict homeschooling. What this person meant was: The mandate of the Government, the party line and the bureaucratic procedures. There was no possibility to vote ”no” only to the pages on homeschooling, and a ”no” to the entire law would have inflicted a Government crises. In this way a human right was terminated with few people realizing it.

One dissident on the law in the Swedish Parliament

One member on the Government side, however, did not want to vote against her conviction and was replaced by another person in the vote. Maria Kornevik Jakobsson from the Centre Party was critical both to the restriction on homeschooling, and to the view of the new law to make day care and pre-school regarded as a form of school. She was concerned that this was first step to make day-care and pre-school compulsory. This made a new split in the current Government coalition visible: On one hand, the rationalist and neo-liberal Liberal Party and Moderate Party; On the other hand the more more traditionally liberal and developmentally oriented Christian Democrats and the Centre Party.

A weak Swedish democracy made the ban on homeschooling possible

The new school law has brought into the open a much bigger issue than the question of homeschooling. No democratic Government should have the possibility to abolish a human right through law. There needs to be rules to what a Government can do. In other countries this is called a constitution. Sweden lacks a true constitution and an elected Swedish Government has great freedom to do whatever it wishes. The only real control is at election every fourth year. If Sweden had been a true democracy, the Supreme Court council on new laws (Lagrådet) could have stopped the law. The Lagrådet also criticized the new key words in the law restricting homeschooling: ”exceptional circumstances” in chapter 24, paragraph 23. The Lagrådet found the term ill defined. But as the Lagrådet at present only has an advisory function the Government did not need to care, and indeed they did not.

The only power in Sweden seems to be able stop a human right from being terminated by law is the media. If the opinion in media is strong enough, the Government gets cold feet in fear of losing votes. The fifty or so Swedish Homeschooling families were simply too few, in spite of hard work and wonderful international support – too few to make sufficient headway in the media.

Human rights are not strong in Sweden

Human rights do not have strong support in Sweden. In Sweden it is possible for a human right to be abolished in Parliament based on prejudices and ignorance – this is exactly what we witnessed just now. This is the ultimate reason for homeschooling being restricted as close to being fully illegal as can be. The worst part is that the present Swedish Government actually used this democratic weakness. It is hard to write in a civilized way what Swedish homeschoolers feel about this.

Still, there is hope for the future

But not everything is on the dark side. A human right living in the heart of some citizens can never be abolished through a vote in Parliament. And Rohus has definitely made some inroads into top politics. Several embarrassed Members of Parliament have tried to sheer up Rohus board members during personal encounters outside the Parliament building this Monday. The say that homeschooling has not been made illegal, there is still some possibilities to get permission, especially for secular members of Rohus. Of course, Rohus will confront them with this if Swedish homeschoolers get problems with the new school law.

International pressure is paramount

During the informal talks on Monday we also learnt that the Swedish Government is not happy about the international attention the new law restricting homeschooling has attracted. Again, the international help given to Rohus has had a definite effect. A plausible conclusion could be that the Ministry of Education has lately realized that the restriction may not have been worth its political cost, but that stopping the law again was not possible for reasons of political prestige. An optimistic view of this conclusion would be that the Swedish Government does not want to see any spectacular cases of exile, political asylum in other countries or homeschoolers put in jail, and that it will do what it can to stop this. The could lead to a mild interpretation of the new law, and international pressure will certainly help in this respect.The law could be short-lived.

In September Sweden has national elections and the law cannot be considered to be in effect until after the election. The outcome of the election is by no means certain and new parties could cause a complicated political situation. The fate of the new school law is therefore at present in the hands of the September election. Parts of the law could be very short-lived.

Homeschooling in Sweden will continue

Swedish homeschoolers will not be intimidated by the new law. They will continue to homeschool. They will either fight in court or go in political exile – they need not go further than the neighboring Nordic countries which all allow homeschooling under workable circumstances. Rohus will continue to work politically to change the law, through new connections established and through the new awareness of homeschooling which seems to be growing, even if it is slowly, in Parliament.

Jonas Himmelstrand

President of Rohus – The Swedish Association for Home Education


Please, also sign our petition HERE if you want to support us in our work to ensure that home education becomes a legal alternative to school.

Soviet-Swedish Social Services Kidnap and Abuse Domenic Johansson – Why? Home-Schooling!


Comment: An Open Society? A Democracy? Freedom of Choice? NO NO NO!

It’s been called one of the worst cases of government abuse ever committed against a home schooling family: the abduction by Swedish authorities of Domenic Johansson, a happy, healthy, 7-year-old boy taken from his parents Christer and Annie Johansson in 2009 as they waited to leave Sweden on a flight to India.

After the abduction, the Johanssons’ story spread quickly on the Internet.

But three years later, Domenic is still being kept from his parents, and Swedish authorities keep finding new reasons for why the child can’t go home.

The Abduction

“This is about the most fundamental right you have. You have the right to your own children, or you should have,” Christer told CBN News during the first television interview he and his wife have given since their only child’s abduction.

In 2008, Christer and Annie were making plans to leave Sweden for humanitarian work in Annie’s native India.

They decided it would be best for Domenic to be home-schooled during the final months before their departure, rather than enroll him in public school.

Christer says Sweden’s Ministry of Education told him they could home-school, but local officials levied steep fines and threatened the couple to discourage them from doing so.

Then, as the parents sat on a plane at Stockholm airport for their scheduled trip to India, police came aboard and took Domenic away.

“They took Domenic from the plane,” Christer recalled. “Then he threw up until they took him to ER. That’s how severe the trauma is. If someone throws up so you have to take him to the hospital, that’s severe.”

“I have no clue what went on,” Annie added. “There was just a stampede. My child had no clue, and I have no clue still what’s going on. I can just hear the screams of my child all the time.”

Cat and Mouse

According to Christer, the couple was supposed to have Domenic back a few days later. But when they went to pick him up, authorities changed their story.

Officials decided Domenic was “at risk,” because he had cavities and did not have every recommended vaccination. They also noted he was shy.

Gotland Social Services then found more problems — claiming the Johanssons’ home didn’t have enough furniture, and that Christer was a drug addict with a mental illness, even though he passed a drug test and psychiatric examination.

“I went to psychiatric clinic and said, ’Check me thoroughly,’ and they did. So I took that paper to court and it had no effect whatsoever,” Christer recalled. “I said, ’I’m healthy,’ but the Social Services and Social Services’ lawyer said ’No, you are suffering from personality disorder.’”

Social Services said Domenic was developmentally delayed, although videos show him flying a plane on a flight simulator before being abducted at age 7, and also speaking clear English.

Authorities were also disturbed that Domenic was too affectionate with other children, greeting his friends with a hug and kiss on the cheek. They called this “deviant behavior.”

Christer was then labeled a “human rights fanatic.”

Christer said authorities have resisted all attempts to reunite the family. And evidence showing that the pair are good parents has been completely ignored.

“It doesn’t matter if we have professors or doctors to speak for us. It just doesn’t matter,” he said.

Swedish Soviet Union?

Exasperated, Christer brought Domenic home without permission in Nov. 2010. Police then raided their home with guns and dogs and took Domenic away again. Christer was put in jail for two months.

“The Domenic Johansson case is the home-school tragedy of Sweden. I believe this was simply a mistake,” Jonas Himmelstrand, who heads the Swedish Homeschooling Association (Rohus), told CBN News.

“Officials didn’t realize they couldn’t take a child on home schooling charges alone. So after they took him, they invented all kinds of other reasons — and also pride, which is well-known among Swedish authorities, that once they’ve made a mistake to never admit it,” he said.

Michael Donnelly, an attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association, which is helping the Johanssons, said, “It’s astonishing to me that free governments who know about this case have not done more.

Donnelly compared the Swedish government’s behavior to the Soviet Union.

“This local government, backed up now by Swedish courts, have demonstrated that they are capable of visiting the most totalitarian acts on their own citizens, reminiscent of the Soviet Union and communist countries in recent history,” Donnelly said.

The Emotional Fallout

Annie and Christer were only allowed to visit Domenic for one hour every five weeks, but even that has stopped. Christer said the son who so obviously loved his parents before the abduction, now no longer wants to see them.

“We haven’t had any contact with him since Nov. 2010 – not a phone call, not one. We don’t know how he is. We don’t know anything,” Christer said.

Annie suffered an emotional breakdown after the abduction and now suffers from panic attacks when she talks about what happened.

The Gotland Social Services Board has told the media that secrecy prevents it from discussing the case. But Sweden’s ambassador to the United States has defended his government’s actions.

Meanwhile, the Johanssons’ attorney Ruby Harrold-Claesson says the police abduction of Domenic from the plane was illegal, and another court hearing is scheduled for May.

But photos of Domenic before and after the abduction show what Christer describes as boy who has already been “broken into a million pieces.” Annie and Christer keep hoping this nightmare will end.

“How can you live without your children?” Annie asked. “It’s devastated our life. This has in fact devastated everything in our life.”


Ed Comment: This is the essence of life in Sweden. CONFORMITY and UNIFORMITY. “Oneness”, all the same, do the same, shut up and go back to sleep. Law of Jante

Please listen to our commentary: The Nordic Model, a Template for Global Enslavement

Red Ice Radio

John Taylor Gatto – History of Education, Social Engineering & Indoctrination in the School System

Hour 2 of this interview: here

Sweden’s Unwritten Law: Jante

If you want to know what drives Swedish psychology/mentality it can’t be summarized with two words: “Jante Law”.

What is it?

The Law of Jante is a pattern of group behaviour towards individuals within Scandinavian communities, which negatively portrays and criticises individual success and achievement as unworthy and inappropriate. The Jante Law as a concept was created by the Danish-Norwegian author Aksel Sandemose, who in his novel A fugitive crosses his tracks identified the Law of Jante as ten rules. Sandemose’s novel portrays the small Danish town Jante (modelled upon his native town Nykøbing Mors as it was at the beginning of the 20th century, but typical of all small towns and communities), where nobody is anonymous.

Generally used colloquially as a sociological term to negatively describe an attitude towards individuality and success common in Scandinavia, the term refers to a mentality which de-emphasizes individual effort and places all emphasis on the collective, while discouraging those who stand out as achievers.

The term is often used negatively.

There are ten different rules in the law as defined by Sandemose, all expressive of variations on a single theme and are usually referred to as a homogeneous unit: Don’t think you’re anyone special or that you’re better than us.

The ten rules state:

  1. Don’t think you’re anything special.
  2. Don’t think you’re as good as us.
  3. Don’t think you’re smarter than us.
  4. Don’t convince yourself that you’re better than us.
  5. Don’t think you know more than us.
  6. Don’t think you are more important than us.
  7. Don’t think you are good at anything.
  8. Don’t laugh at us.
  9. Don’t think anyone cares about you.
  10. Don’t think you can teach us anything.

An eleventh rule recognized in the novel is:

11. Don’t think that there aren’t a few things we know about you.

In the book, the Janters who transgress this unwritten ‘law’ are regarded with suspicion and some hostility, as it goes against communal desire in the town to preserve harmony, social stability and uniformity.

These 11 principles or commandments form the “Jante’s Shield” of the Scandinavian people.

Nils Dacke – The Swedish Tax Revolt Hero of the 16th Century

Nils Dacke was the leader of a 16th century peasant revolt in Småland, southern Sweden called the Dacke War (Swedish: Dackefejden), fought against the Swedish king Gustav I. It was the most widespread and serious civil war in Swedish history and almost toppled the king.

Gustav Vasa had come to power at the head of a peasant army in 1523. He had established Sweden’s independence from Denmark and made Protestantism the national religion. Småland found itself on the border between Sweden and Denmark and was hard hit by Vasa’s ban on cross border trade. In addition, the hard-handed way the church was reformed and the increasing tax burden led to much dissatisfaction among the poor peasants. Already in 1536, Nils Dacke was tried at a local court for killing a sheriff: according to court records he was fined 10 oxen.

The uprising started in June 1542 with the assassination of more sheriffs and tax collectors. Gustav Vasa underestimated the military prowess of the peasants and sent his German mercenaries to quell the revolt. The landsknechts were, however, unsuited for battle in the rugged forests and suffered heavy losses. Dacke had devised defensive tactics that allowed the peasants to use their steel crossbows with devastating effect. Dacke’s successes helped spread the revolt over all the southern provinces of Sweden. The situation was so serious that the king was forced to sue for peace, and a one-year ceasefire was signed on November 8. During the ceasefire, Dacke was the de facto ruler of southern Sweden and received (and declined) offers of foreign support. He reinstated the ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church and reopened the cross border trade in the areas under his control.

The king broke the ceasefire in January 1543 and sent a new and larger army into the rebellious area. Royal propaganda had been spread to win over the population and turn them against Dacke. Dacke himself had become overconfident after earlier successes and met the Royal army in a pitched battle in March. The trained soldiers fighting on their own terms shattered the peasant army, and Dacke was severely injured. After this defeat, the rebellion was effectively over and Dacke became an outlaw.

Dacke was shot and killed in the high summer of 1543 in the forests which, at the time, surrounded the southeastern border between Sweden and Denmark (nowadays southern Swedish provinces Småland and Blekinge). According to contemporary sources, he had been injured in both legs by hits from the king’s crossbows during the decisive battle a few months earlier, his forces had been routed and he was likely trying to escape from the king’s mercenaries. There is no doubt that he was killed on the spot.

Dacke was executed posthumously, quartered, and his limbs were sent for public display in larger communities that had supported him during the rebellion. Gustav Vasa ordered the annihilation of Dacke’s entire family, but showed some leniency against those who had given themselves up. Thus, the unity of the realm was restored.

As a result of the war the king was henceforth more careful when dealing with his subjects. The reliance on foreign mercenaries in the army was reduced in favour of soldiers of Swedish extraction (many of which were recruited in Småland) and this laid the foundation for Sweden’s military successes in later wars.

Today Nils Dacke is perceived as a Småland freedom hero. His name is often linked to an independence streak in Småland. Statues in memory of him have been erected including one in Virserum, where the final battle allegedly took place during 1543. (Nils Dacke-partiet) is a local political party in Gnosjö County. M/S Nils Dacke is a vessel, owned by TT-Line serving the Trelleborg-Travemünde route. In 1961, a made for television movie titled Dacke, was released by Swedish director and screenwriter Bengt Lagerkvist.


Why didn’t Dacke accept foreign help?
Why didn’t Dacke take out the king when he had the chance?
Why did Dacke agree to a one year cease fire, giving the king enough time to regroup, build up his defenses and hire more foreign mercenary soldiers?

Despite there being many questions marks around Dacke’s actions he still is one of the only dissenting voices in Swedish (written) history that has challanged the suffocating tax system that today MUCH MUCH MUCH higher then in the days of Dacke. Where is Dacke today?

“The Boss” Goes Senile, Thinks USA should be more like Sweden


See the comment below the article for more on this nonsense.

During a press conference in Paris, The Boss explained that much of the inspiration for his new album, set for release on March 6th, is anger at what he sees as the crushing of the American Dream in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

“I have friends who lost everything they had,” Springsteen explained, according to the Dagens Nyhter (DN) newspaper.

In 2009, he put pen to paper began writing the album’s lead track “We take care of our own”.

“In this song, I pose a number of questions. Questions which I later try to find answers to in other songs,” said Springsteen.

The 62-year-old rocker claimed the 2008 financial crisis was the result of decades of deregulation that spawned an ethic of unbridled greed.

“We’ve destroyed the idea of an equal playing field,” he said, according to the AFP news agency.

When asked if he thought the United States should be changed into something closer to a Swedish-style welfare state, Springsteen responded enthusiastically.

“Exactly! That’s my dream! It’s written between the lines. But you have to listen very closely,” he said, according to DN.

When informed that tickets for his scheduled performances in Gothenburg on July 27th and 28th sold out in less than an hour, The Boss once again expressed his solidarity with the Swedes.

“Those are my people over there! Those are my people!” he said.



It’s very simple Bruce, move to Sweden before you blurb out this stupid nonsense.

This guy is either seriously ill or are in bed with the volatile Fabian elite that are in the process of socialising america.

Sweden’s social and economic model is a poison that everyone in the world should stay as far away from as they can. After living 33 years in it, I have come to no other conclusion. Warning! Warning! Dystopian THX 1138 society is closing in.

You know what, here’s an idea. Let’s strip Bruce Springsteen of his net worth (believed to be around $100 Million), let’s also take away his fame and “Rockstar” title (in other words we’ll make him “equal”). He can then learn the Swedish language and make a trip in his private jet to one of our gulags here in Sweden outside Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö. Let him live there for about 10 years or so, trying to get by in an apartment the size of a shoe box that you pay out the ass for, while trying get job …or let’s have him try starting his own business or making it as a musician again, from scratch.

Do that Bruce, then we can talk more about your desire to see America being turned into Sweden.

During the Swedish imigration to the United States in the 19th and early 20th centuries, about 1.3 million Swedes left Sweden for the United States. That’s a LOT. There’s a reason for that! The country sucked … and it still sucks! The emigrants were leaving behind not only a starvation population but a state and church that actively was enforcing their psychopathic tyranny over it’s people. The brave and smart ones left! If you think that the feudal state that this country was built on has magically just gotten better by itself you’re mistaken Bruce.

If “the Boss” think’s that the playing field is “not equal ” in America, as he states in the article, then he can come here to Sweden (live and work here) and then realize that there basically IS NO playing field here.

People “play house” in Sweden. Parental government has created a class of grown up children …this is just what the government wants.

Bruce advocates monopoly, state control, no mom and pop stores, surveillance and no choice, does he know this?

He thinks that things in Sweden are like they are in America. They are not. There is not the same level of entrepreneurship in Sweden as in America. There is basically no “service”, (no kindness), no customer rights or support. Employees make no tip, extra for “trying better” or “trying harder”, there’s  and no incentive to be service minded because everyone is “equal” and no one is “special” or “better then any body else”. There is no hospitality in Sweden anymore …it’s long gone.

Swedes have become cold, introverted, difficult, depressed and sad in so many ways. I don’t remember it always being so bad. I think the system has caught up with us and we now KNOW that we lack option and ability to fulfill our dreams.

He needs to understand that government monopoly and bureaucratic control is creating a very VERY cold society. I try my best to be kind and see goodness and kindness in people, but oh boy do I struggle to see and feel it out there on the streets (in large towns or a small villages doesn’t seem to matter).

The government, with its over taxation, is choking the life out of business and the people who own’s those businesses. They are hitting us at the at the source. It’s practically impossible to “make it” in Sweden (unless you’re well connected). You can’t make a move without the right forms. Authority is pervasive. Talent is not appreciated here and there’s also a very sick anti-individual communitarian philosophy that have created a people that subconsciously hate anyone that does things differently, thinks differently or believes they have answers to problems.

No one likes a “know-it-all” or a smart ass that think they are better then you.

To encourage natural talent is to encourage a show-off and no one likes a show-off. You should be ashamed if you’re “special”.

“Going Sweden” is NOT going to fix your problems America! Reinstate the Glass-Stegall act, end the Federal Reserve, stop usury, fractional reserve banking and proceed on the path towards freedom. Let people do business and trust that they will manage to do it right. Innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

In the audio commentary: The Nordic Model, a Template for Global Enslavement, the danger of how this social and economic model is being promoted around the world and in America is addressed to a certain degree.

This “advocacy” of Sweden’s shitty government system by Bruce is yet another example in a long list of of outspoken “influential” people that are participating in the ongoing campaign to sell it to the stupid people who actually listens to a “rockstars” political views. The Nordic Model is offered as the “fix” and solution to the most recent economic problems the world has been facing.

This promotion and enthusiasm is coming largely from people who never lived or operated in Sweden. They know nothing about the country. It’s also being promoted by politicians and Fabian socialist like Michael Moore, Jon Stewart,  Tom Hartman and many, many more.

Politicians promote this system because it pays off well for them, they control the game and corruption is easy because people are asleep, no one cares and no one notices or says anything. The system has created a population that basically 100% controllable under the rules and regulations.

It creates a docile and conformist mentality, protest or even discussion about anti-authoritarian subject are pretty much non-existent.

This is why you hear no critisims from Swedes. They think they live in one of the best countries in the world. They are lucky. They know, they see starving kids on TV when it’s time to make a contribution of your hard earn over taxed monthly government hand out to the very entertaining aid-gala spectacle.

It’s very expensive in Sweden, the taxes are very high, there are basically no options, the government hold many monopolies and there is no energy or life left in the people to try to create their own options, solutions or to start their own businesses, It’s just to much work!  It’s to much regulation and bureaucracy involved and most people give up before even trying.

Sweden is not a “wellfare state”, there is no such thing. It’s an illware state. Nothing here is “FREE” as some people think. Nothing is free under socialism Bruce! YOU pay out the ass for it. Health care is “preemptive”, meaning that the government tax you on your money before you’ve even had a chance to “get sick” (they trust you will).

The health care system is collapsing in Sweden, people are getting sicker and sicker, no kids are born, the high taxes remain high and we’re getting nothing for it.

Brice Springsteen, that so many people unfortunately listen to, has NO IDEA what life on the ground is like in Sweden.

Swedes love to hear that Bruce loves Sweden. They love think kind of stuff. They love to be ensured by authority, idols or outsiders that Sweden is “the best country in the world”. Makes ’em feel good, makes them even more obedient to the system that is enslaving them and restricting the from choice, individuality and freedom.

I don’t understand why “equality” is such an highly held goal. I like difference. I consider it to be an extreme act of violent to sacrifice individuality to an intrusive government that does everything it can to get in your business and to enforce “sameness” that kills you ability to be different.

The social economic model called the Nordic Model is one of the worst. It has no mercy on the smallest minority there is, this being the individual.

There is no perfect country and there’s a lot of bad things going on in a lot of countries around the world right now, but this completely unbalanced discussion and illusion that Scandinavian is some kind of utopia has to be shattered. It’s complete lies. Go there, live there and then can have talk about it.

EU “cyber snoops” sue Sweden for fighting Big Brother – Although Big Brother already is here

By Henrik Palmgren |

Sweden government is picking a fight with the EU over plans to monitor and store all telecom and internet traffic, when every call, every text, even every email will be watched if the EU has its way.

Here is the video from RT at YouTube

Watching this report from RT might give you the impression that Sweden has until now been spared from the global emerging surveillance society, and if you for a moment were thinking about escaping to Sweden in an effort to escaping Big Brother in your own country, I’m sorry to make you disappointed.

Although this report is focusing on the most recent battle Sweden is having with the EU, there are a few errors in this report that needs to be pointed out. First off, what is not taken into account is the already existing Swedish FRA law. A government snooping system that has been in place since 1st of Januari 2009.

The FRA law is a legislative package that authorizes the state to warrantlessly wiretap all telephone and Internet traffic that crosses Sweden’s borders. It was passed by the Parliament of Sweden on June 18, 2008, by a vote of 143 to 138 and took effect on January 1, 2009.

In more detail, “FRA-law” is the common name for a new law as well as several modifications to existing laws, formally called Government proposal 2006/07:63 – Changes to defence intelligence activities. It was introduced as anti-terrorism legislation, and gives the government agency Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA, Swedish Försvarets radioanstalt) the right to conduct signals intelligence on – to intercept – all internet exchange points that exchange traffic that crosses Swedish borders, though experts argue that it is impossible to differentiate between international traffic and traffic between Swedes.

News reports from Sweden’s state broadcast network and other sources report that FRA have in fact been conducting eavesdropping on Swedish citizens for a decade. According to the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment’s Director-General, Ingvar Åkesson, they destroy the data collected after eighteen months, but they confirm that they have, in fact, been collecting information not just on foreigners but also on Swedes as the presence of Swedish search terms used on the data would indicate.

Read more on Wikipedia

While it may be true that there is no established CCTV system in operation in Sweden, the number of stores, banks and government buildings that have their own private cameras (that can be accessed by government) is enough to create, if nothing else, the feeling that you’re constantly monitored. Meaning, it’s really no better then Britain. Who despite numerous reports by the Police has shown that the massive spread of the CCTV system in the UK has failed to slash crime.

Here are some selected articles detailing the already massive Big Brother system that exists in Sweden:

There is furthermore a massive network of surveillance cameras around the roads in Sweden, including speed cameras is not mentioned in the report.

The Goliath beast system of surveillance have most certainly established itself in Sweden already.

The only thing that can make the situation even worse is if the European project Indectbecomes a reality.


The European Union is developing a 21st century panopticon, a beast surveillance system that critics describe as “Orwellian,” “sinister,” and “positively chilling,” that would collate data from numerous sources, including surveillance cameras and personal computers, in order to detect “abnormal behavior” across the entire continent.

In a broader sense, this is part of the move towards creating a pan-European federal police force, where information and powers are shared as part of a centralized system. It is also a giant step towards the creation of a European CIA tasked not with keeping tabs on foreign enemies, but spying on its own population.

The surveillance system, known as Project Indect, promises to collect information by way of “continuous monitoring” of “web sites, discussion forums, usenet groups, file servers, p2p networks [and] individual computer systems”. It will also use CCTV feeds and other surveillance methods to develop models of “suspicious behavior” by analyzing the pitch of people’s voices (suggesting that private conversations will be recorded) as well as “the way their bodies move”.

Read more

Common RT sharpen up!

Sweden’s new wiretapping law ‘much worse than the Stasi’

By Rickard Falkvinge |


With just a week to go (published June 10th) before the Swedish parliament is expected to pass a controversial wiretapping law, Pirate Party leader Rickard Falkvinge urges people to do all they can to block the legislation.

On June 17th the Swedish parliament is set to vote on the introduction of a new “signal surveillance” law.

What the law means is that all telephone and internet operators will be forced to attach a large cable to the state’s supercomputer, where the state will be able to keep a record of everything said in telephone conversations, surfed on the web or written on the internet.

The law can best be described by the more explanatory term “general surveillance”. Instead of just criminal suspects having their phones tapped, now everyone will be tapped via their phones, emails, web surfing, faxes etc.

But the state won’t keep a record of everything. First it will scan all phone calls, emails and so on, in real time. Anything that is “considered interesting” on the basis of 250,000 search criteria, will be saved for further investigation.

All our phone calls, emails and surfing habits will be observed by Sweden’s National Defence Radio Establishment (Försvarets Radioanstalt – FRA), which is why the proposed legislation is known as the “FRA law”.

There are no courts involved, and the government and all its agencies – including the police and the security police – will be able to snoop around in the tapped phone and email correspondence of its citizens.

This is much, much worse than the East German Stasi, which was only capable of tapping a small sector of the population. This is also something that has been pointed out by German members of parliament with first-hand experience of the Stasi.

Proponents of the law say it “only concerns cross-border communications”. Unfortunately this is a bare-faced lie. Records of communications will be kept at 20 nodal points, strategically placed to capture all communications that cross Sweden’s borders. But any internal communications that happen to come into contact with any one of these nodes will also be analyzed by the state. Essentially this means that everyone will be affected since, for technical reasons, most phone calls and emails between two Swedes pass through another country.

Proponents say that “this has absolutely nothing to do with Swedes; FRA isn’t allowed to investigate Swedes if there is no substantial cause”. This is a dishonest formulation. Another way of saying exactly the same thing would be: “FRA may snoop on Swedes as part of this mass wiretapping scheme if certain criteria are met”. In fact, the entire statement is dishonest, since the legislation up for debate only concerns signal surveillance for the military. What these people don’t mention is that the FRA already carries out surveillance for the police using exactly the same staff and the same wiretapping network.

Proponents say that “only a very small amount of information will be listened to”, and refer to the pieces of information that will be sifted out for further examination. This is also a direct lie. Everything will be listened to. Whatever information is then selected for further examination is irrelevant; the violation of personal integrity occurs when the state gives itself access to its citizens’ private communications, not when one of the search terms it uses to filter the data happens to match.

Democracy is reliant on the transparency of power, not the transparency of citizens. All places where the opposite has been the case – where it has been impossible to examine the powers that be, while citizens lack any right to a private life – have been really nasty places to live.

Signal surveillance is supposed to protect us against external threats. In reality, however, it is the surveillance itself that constitutes a direct threat against Swedish democracy.

Aftonbladet has written about the law today (the first time old media have really contributed to the debate). Unfortunately they present the proponents’ propaganda as fact. Proponents of the law have shown themselves to be completely unreliable. On May 31st I put forward evidence [in Swedish] showing that they know they are breaking the constitution but they just don’t care.

The Pirate Party has long campaigned for the right to a private life. For example, we held a demonstration in central Stockholm recently demanding the right to civil liberties and for an end to all plans for general surveillance.

A campaign site has just gone online called (Stop the FRA law) with more information about this draconian piece of legislation.

It’s high time to get involved. Write to your local member of parliament, talk to friends and acquaintances about what’s happening. Anything. Just do something. Before it’s too late.

Article from:

Sweden a Trendsetter for Global Tyranny – As Sweden Goes, So Goes the World: The Beginning of the End of Cash


Sweden could be pointing the way to a (nearly) cash-free economy.

There are many, many things to dislike about analog money. Cash and coins are unwieldy. They’re heavy. They’re dirty. They leave no automatic record of the financial transactions that are made with them.

Here in the U.S., despite Square and PayPal and other services that would seem to herald the end of cash, bills and coins still represent 7 percent of our total economy. In Sweden, however — which ranked first in this year’s Global Information Technology Report from the World Economic Forum — cash is scarcer. And it’s becoming, the AP reports, scarcer still. While Sweden was the first European country to introduce bank notes in 1661, it’s now come farther than any other country in the attempt to eradicate them. In most Swedish cities, the AP notes,

public buses don’t accept cash; tickets are prepaid or purchased with a cell phone text message. A small but growing number of businesses only take cards, and some bank offices — which make money on electronic transactions — have stopped handling cash altogether.

Even houses of worship are becoming increasingly friendly to cash-free transactions: At the Carl Gustaf Church in Karlshamn, southern Sweden, Vicar Johan Tyrberg recently installed a card reader to allow worshipers to tithe in digital form.

This isn’t, right now, the end of cash — in Sweden or anywhere else. As Lars Nyberg, the deputy governor of Sweden’s central bank, put it last year: Cash will survive “like the crocodile, even though it may be forced to see its habitat gradually cut back.” But it may be the beginning of the end. Sweden’s innovations suggest a future in which cash is increasingly rare.

A cash-reduced culture gives rise to new concerns — of cybersecurity and, of course, about privacy. Oscar Swartz, the founder of Banhof, Sweden’s first Internet provider, puts it like so: “One should be able to send money and donate money to different organizations without being traced every time.”

But a cashless world could also lead to some significant social improvements. Swedish crime statistics, fascinatingly, seem to suggest a correlation between cash and crime. The number of bank robberies in Sweden has dropped from 110 in 2008 to 16 in 2011 — “the lowest level,” reporter Malin Rising notes, “since it started keeping records 30 years ago.” The Swedish Bankers’ Association also says that robberies of security transports are down.

The benefits seem to cut more broadly, as well. Sweden has less of a problem with graft, the AP says, than countries with a stronger cash culture. “If people use more cards, they are less involved in shadow economy activities,” economics professor Friedrich Schneider argued. And others note that a cash-reduced culture will disincentivize pickpocketers and muggers: When a card can simply be cancelled, what’s the point?


Mona Sahlin’s Anti-Swedish rants

“I think that’s what makes many Swedes jealous of immigrant groups. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that brings you together. And what do we have? We have Midsummer’s Eve and such silly things.”

— Mona Sahlin in a speech to the Turkish youth organization Euroturk, March, 2002. Source

“I hate everything that is genuine, typical Swedish.”

— Source: Expressen July 26, 2002.

“If two equally qualified persons apply for a job in a company with few immigrants, the one who is named Mohammed shall have the job.”

— Source: Göteborgs-Posten on 22 October 2000.

Here she is, Mona Muslim, in all her anti-White glory:

I think that Mona actually thinks Swedish culture and history is the Christianized Maypole and the imported Italian meatballs. I don’t think she understands that there is more. In her mind she probably doesn’t know, she hasn’t seen it and therefore it doesn’t exist. She hasn’t bothered to find out either of course. The atheist, science and socialist indoctrination commonly refereed to as “education” that Mona suffers from has most likely never included anything megalithic. She in most likely doesn’t know about the magnificent past of Västra Götaland, the land of the Goths. The country where ALL of the ancient kings of “Sweden” were born and are buried.

But who knows, maybe she does know … and she hate it.

She hates Kiviksgraven.

She hates Ekornavallen

And never mention Anundshögen to her – she’ll be furious!

These sites pale a bit in comparison to Göbekli tepe (update: not anymore as we now have our own 11 000 year old site discovered at the southern tip off Sweden), but I doubt that THIS is the place Mona thinks about when she mentions the “wonderful Turkish heritage”. She only probably thinks about the Mosques and the Islamic expansion. How these “feminists” have come to embrace such a misogynistic religion is beyond belief. Maybe her hatred for Sweden and the Swedes overrides it, she’ll use any force she can to destroy the object of her hate … by using another fucked up religion. Sweden has fought long and hard to resists Christianity. We didn’t really win, the Christianity that invaded and colonized our lands and our minds have just transformed into the Calvinistic “scientific” dictatorship that we suffer from today. Now the Swedish people are being smashed between a rock and a hard place. We’re now getting a taste of the two other psychotic parts of that insane trinity called the Abrahamic religions: Judaism and Islam! Aren’t we lucky.



Lies and Unfounded Promotion of the Nordic “Death” Model

Listen to “The Nordic Model, a Template for Global Enslavement” (link to mp3 file) from February 10, 2012 for background on WHY the Nordic model is one of the most dangerous political and philosophical social models in the world.

I’m in it and I can tell you that it will kill your country and turn the citizens into slaves.


In this article you can read lies about the Swedish welfare state and the tax system. The article is written by a “progressive” American who probably never lived in Sweden and most definitively never operated a business here.

The article argues the greatness of the tax system and complains on american conservatives for pointing out the horrors of the system. The author doesn’t seem to understand that independent business owners as so heavily taxed in Sweden that most never stay around long enough to be able to employ or expand their businesses. The social fees, thanks to the unions, are beyond belief and the profit margins for most small businesses are razor thin. This creates problems because there is not really any opportunity for the business owners to compete with larger already established businesses. This results in fewer options for the consumers, worse service, less business and fewer jobs.

Before new started businesses even had the chance to kick off their new business and gotten the ball rolling. The tax office asks for estimated profit of the company and before you even had a chance to make any money, they tax you on the estimate.

Unions are in bed with the government in Sweden and they have managed to milk so much tax money out of businesses that they A) are so big (like Volvo) that they choose to move their production and factories elsewhere (this is frankly understandable) or B) they are to small and they go under because they can’t employ, can’t expand and make enough revenue to go around.

From the article:

According to those US statistics, Swedish workers are paid more per hour than US workers when you factor in both wages and benefits.

Getting more money doesn’t solve anything! It’s not HOW MUCH YOU MAKE: It’s how much you PAY. It’s all in comparison to what you pay for rent and/or your house, your food and. It’s also relative to how much money goes to paying the tax trolls.

The income tax in Sweden is 48.3% (Direct Tax 32% and “Indirect” tax (means social fees and other garbage) is 31.42%.

Add to this that you also have a sales tax (VAT) on ALL food and services of 25%. This can also be higher depending on how “god”, sorry I mean the government determines it. For example, the tax on gas is 60%! For car owners there is also a yearly set tax on your car depending on what kind of vehicle you drive. There is also a road tax that you pay each year.

Taxes are also higher on alcohol. All the beer and booze sold in Sweden is ONLY allowed to be sold by government owned and operated liquor stores called “Systembolaget“. In other words this government owned enterprise is a monopoly. This means great a “vibe” for those who wish to go pick up a nice bottle of wine for the weekends. The choices are very limited.

For many years there has also been reports of corruption with crooks going from the political world over to sitting on the board of Vin & Sprit AB the largest importer in the world for alcohol. This is the company that supplies Systembolaget with their products.

The people high up in Vin & Sprit AB also receives massive bribes from liquor producers in other countries becase those companies obviously want to make sure that they end up on the list of products that Vin & Sprit AB and Systembolaget provides to all of their 510 outlets around the country.

From the article:

Most people are familiar with the idea that Europeans don’t have to spend their after-tax money on health care


The author doesn’t understand that we pay to go to the doctor just like Americans. We pay to see the doctor, we pay to get treatment, get medicin, surgery or ANY kind of medical assistance. It isn’t FREE! Nothing is free! Furthermore, our high taxes was SUPPOSED to pay for the medical bills yes? Well, it doesn’t. So we pay for the government to provide us with medical help. This is horrible, this results in a very VERY bad “service” 8if you can call it that) and there are basically NO OPTIONS and NO COMPETITION to this system.

I’d rather keep the government out of my pocket, save the money myself or take out insurance and then IF something happens to me I can go to a hospital that provides a good service and I’ll pay for it.

What we have in Sweden can be likened to “preventive medicine”. The government logic is: we’ll take your money right away, in case something happens to you later. For someone not running to the doctor or being in accidents, is this fair?

I emailed the author Nathan Newman:

Hi Nathan

I was reading your article today: and I just wanted to ask you a few questions if you have the time.

How long did you live in Sweden?
What kind of business did you run there?

All the best
Henrik from Sweden


From: Henrik Palmgren
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 02:46:09 +0100
To: Nathan Newman
Subject: Regarding “Why Swedish Left Keeps Winning”

It was a statistical comparison of the countries from a decade ago. Haven’t lived there.


Ta daa! There you have it folks. Need I say more?

Nathan, before you eagerly promote the left in Sweden why don’t you come live here, oh also start a business, we’ll see how you like it, then we can talk about statistics.

You’re looking at this from an American perspective.

Socializing America further, dragging it closer to the left is not going to fix your problems. it will gonna

“Conservative” Niinistö, New president (as of 2012) of Finland defends the Nordic Model. He defends a big public sector. i .e. big fat ugly government.


There are more lies beig put out by the Economist, regrading the Nordic Model and the “conservative” choice of President in Finland:

This election has confirmed that, as in Sweden (if not Denmark), the centre-left in much of Europe is weak and it is the conservatives who are making the running on policy. Finns are more concerned to boost jobs and growth than to protect welfare, reinforcing the strong economic performance of the Nordic model that has made their region into one of the world’s richest and most successful.


American Socialist Thom Hartmann is continousley putting out lies about the Nordic Model and he praise Denmark all the time. (The article was originaly posted on AlterNet, has since been removed but exists in the forum post we linked up

He argues in the article that Denmark is the best place in the world and that paying more TAXES would increase wages!!!

He is either an idiot or a liar.

I’ve done the math argued in the article and there’s a lot he excludes or simply leaves out.

Minimum Wage in USA: 7.25$
Minimum Wage in Denmark 18$

WOW great! right!?

NO! Because if you look at the income taxes, sales taxes on ALL food and services, road taxes, gasoline taxes, congestion charges, alcohol taxes, tobacco taxes (if you use tobacco) and taxes and social fees on employees etc etc then you acctually end up with LESS money at the end of the day in Denmark compared to the United States on minimum wage, because the expenses are huge, especially if you live somewhere like Copenhagen.

Income Tax in USA: 13% (for minimum wage)
Income Tax Denmark: 45% to a high 56% (no matter if you have “minimum wage”)
Income Tax in Sweden: 48.3% (Direct Tax 32% – “Indirect” Tax (means Social Fees and other GARBAGE) 31.42%

Welcome to Paradise Thom Hartmann! You’re an idiot! You come live here in the Nordic Death Model and try to start a business and see how you like it!

Here is a post that tells some of the truth about Denmark from one of his own readers, on his own forum:

you have to stop this Danish fixation you are on. You are not portraying the real Denmark, I think I may have one up on you on this one, it’s my “home” country. (Raised in Denmark and live in the US, with all my family still in Europe).

I know, for the past few years the people of Denmark have been “voted” the happiest people in the world, it’s complete BS, but a fantastic ploy to get tourist to come visit “Wonderful Copenhagen”. Denmark is the largest user of happy pills per capita in the world, I think that may just have something to do with their happiness. A happiness measured on what they have and can buy in material goods, this according to a Danish poll I heard 3 weeks ago while in Denmark.

The anger and tensions in Denmark, is so prevalent that I for one feel safer in NYC then in Copenhagen.

Your idea that the right-wingers in Denmark base their entire platform on anti immigration and racism, is very misunderstood to say the least. Besides their racist agenda, there is nothing the right wing parties would rather do than privatize the entire social sector and state run agencies. And they are well on their way to ruin what was, to become just another corporate institution in the world of lobbyist and capitalism run amok.

Just like here, the rich pays no tax, Maersk (richest Dane) is an example of someone who is tax free and treated like royalty for donating the new opera that the state now have to pay millions (Kroner) every year just to run and maintain.

The former PM in Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, G.W. Bushes best friend and now NATO Sec.Gen. Was such an idiot that the reason Denmark is not much further in the development of reusable energy is all his. Denmark is actually far behind some other countries because the right wing government under Fogh de-funded reusable energy research.

I hope you’ll take another look at Denmark, without a Danish Radio tourist guide by your side, because the Dane is just like any other patriot, they want to show you their best and prettiest side.

Denmark is far from a Wonderland, it’s actually fast becoming the very dark spot on the European map, this according to several European opinions across the continent.


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Why this website?

After 33 years living in Sweden I’ve realized that it’s not me who is maladjusted or “ill” in any way. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m living (soon to be lived) in a country were the government and most of it’s people are sick.

Now, in hindsight and with study over the course of many years I have diagnosed myself as healthy and the country as sick.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

— J. Krishnamurti

On this website I will outline my experiences and the research that have lead me to this conclusion.

My objective is to share this information with the rest of the world so that you, wherever you are, can understand how the subjugation happened and stop it in you country. I also intend to examine the psychology, culture and mentality of the people and how it has been shaped by behaviorism and an idea called “the scientific dictatorship”. With war, fear and control the people in Sweden have slowly come to accepted the abusive treatment of the church and state.

Yes, ironically the people in Sweden suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

One of my main argument is that the Nordic model or the “Swedish model” is being promoted world wide by Fabian socialist politicians, economists, academia, celebrities and media.

I want to warn you about this so that you can see the traits of it and what the effects of it is. It changes not only the structure of the economy and the marketplace but also the mindset of the people and how they interact and behave towards each other. Hopefully we’ll be able to prevent this virus from spreading further in the world before it’s to late.

The state today work hand in glove with large monopoly corporation in Sweden, hence we live, according to the true meaning of the word, in a fascist/corporatist society. There is capitalism but the politics is based on socialist collectivism. The liberal progressive “equality” that is supposed to exist here is very damaging and it has shaped the mindset of a people that are completely isolated, cut off from each other, live in their own bubble, don’t interact and it’s created a very cold bureaucratic society.

The people don’t seem to understand this, they don’t speak up because they don’t know it or have the means to analyze it objectively. Perhaps this is because they have no other reference point or perhaps this is because the model works so well.

Swedes are conformists and they are consciously or unconsciously following the unwritten law of Jante.

the individual is NOTHING special and absolutely has to be sacrificed for the greater good of the collective.

Sweden is a “hive” of sorts and strangely enough there is a kind of a “equality hierarchy” that exists here. If you step slightly outside of the parameters of what is considered to be ok you swiftly get attacked (by your peers, neighbors, relatives or friends) for showing deviant behavior.

Swedes are treated “equal” even if you’re in a “service” job or mode. You wait in line, you are not anything special or different, you should “know your place”, follow the rules like the rest of us and you do not dare to step outside of the designated lines of accepted behavior.

If people discover that you’re speaking English or clearly “look” like a tourist, generally most Swedes perk up, you get a better service and usually a friendlier treatment.

This website is a work in progress.

I will categories many of my points of criticism that I have against this economic and social model.

I will also outline the horrors of my personal experience growing up and trying to “make my way” in this country.

Researching history, I’ve come to realize that the country has incremental been taken over and destroyed over the course of many hundreds of years. Imperial Rome with it’s colonizing Christianity was one of the first waves that destroyed many of the indigenous kingdoms and people that lived in the country that today is called Sweden. It has just gone down hill from there. The colonization has expanded from the seized land into the mind of the people. The beast is no longer Christian in nature, it is Calvinist and scientific. This is happening in many other countries around the world as well. Sweden is spearheading a model that I believe is to be implemented in the rest of the world by the global political elite.

This is an ongoing process, it’s driven on a long term plan (Fabian socialism) and the driving force behind it is what that some commentators also have called the New World Order.