Why Sweden is not the country you thought it was

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In this commentary Henrik Palmgren analyzes the recent civil unrest and rioting in the immigrant dense suburbs outside Stockholm, Sweden. He talks about the media climate in Sweden which has done everything they can to fuel the fires. Henrik explains why the different sides are both right and wrong. Once again he refutes the Nordic Model as the promoted future “super model.”

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Main article from FT.com follows below this comment:

Well, all of this is hardly unexpected, since there now is pretty much annual riots in Sweden. Disgruntled immigrants who are burning cars, schools and other buildings is now turning into the norm in Sweden …as it seems to be throughout the rest of Europe. Stones are flying and you can smell the violence in the air.

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The BBC promotes the Law of Jante (Idiots!)

This conceptualizes the nightmare of collectivist Swedish society AKA “the Ant Society”:

  • You’re not to think you are anything special
  • You’re not to think you are as good as us
  • You’re not to think you are smarter than us
  • You’re not to convince yourself that you are better than us
  • You’re not to think you know more than us
  • You’re not to think you are more important than us
  • You’re not to think you are good at anything
  • You’re not to laugh at us
  • You’re not to think anyone cares about you
  • You’re not to think you can teach us anything
BBC with their “expert” Lars Tragardh, the go-to guy for BBC when it’s a question regarding anything Swedish, get’s EVERYTHING wrong as usual. While attempting to promote the “economic success” or the Nordic Model Tragardh repeats the old argument: “The King aligned with the peasants. Ergo: Swedish behavior!”
Breaking away from collectivism is something great, emphasizing the individual is something dry Sweden would need, but doesn’t know how to do, it’s been bred out of the them. Just as the article highlights, the way things are changing in Sweden now (and around the world) is with empty exaggeration and hot air. In other words it’s getting worse. Empty bragging with an attitude amounts to nothing. Never has celebrating mediocrity been so popular. On one hand you have a majority of folks in Sweden incapable of making decisions and acting on their own, due to government holding their hand for their entire lives while planning everything  around them  (i.e. government tyranny masquerading as security), while you on the other hand have a rise in a kind of attitude “toughness” that amounts to something like a deflated hot air balloon filled with farts. It won’t take you anywhere …and it stinks! THIS behavior is what is spreading among the young teens and increasingly the 30-40 something “grown up” teenage behaving children in this rotten country. It’s the WORST of two worlds colliding, and what is so poetic is that it is just THIS that the Nordic Model offers. The Nordic model that is celebrated around the world is the WORST of two worlds. The worst of socialism and the worst of crony capitalism or call it monopoly capitalism if you will. Same garbage. I’m amazed at how Jeffrey Gedmin and the other neocons (i.e. trotskyites) at the Legatum Institute have managed to promote Scandinavia into the forefront of world politics and it’s now the most sought after collectivist models, that they are trying to export to the rest of a very gullible planet earth. The Nordic model is the future world government model!
By Finlo Rohrer | BBC.co.uk

With each new series of The Apprentice comes another epic salvo of boasting and braggadocio. This Anglo-American approach to “bigging up” your skills and successes is a far cry from how things are done across the North Sea in Scandinavia.

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