New Swedish Law Criminalizes Anti-immigration Internet Speech

Sweden is going down the tubes, fast. However, the more they push more will begin to notice.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to Criticize.” – Voltaire

By Selwyn Duke | The New American

You’re free in Sweden to be critical of immigration, those in power, or people identifying as “LBGT” — at least within the confines of your mind. But dare express those views, even on the Internet, and you can now be more easily prosecuted under a new law taking full effect after Christmas.

We recently learned about how anti-immigration Internet commenters in Sweden were tracked down and persecuted. As journalist Pamela Geller wrote:

One of Sweden’s biggest newspapers,Expressen, used criminal hackers to break into Disqus and get the email addresses and identities of commenters online, and to reveal the persons behind the nicknames or anonymous user IDs. The newspaper sent a reporter and a cameraman to one person’s home and asked them about things they had written on different websites. Expressen published the names and photos of some people, which led to at least one person losing his job.

But Sweden’s new law adds another layer of hate-speech prohibition to the social ostracism. As Fria Tider (Free Times) reported (translated electronically from Swedish and then edited for grammar and word usage) in a piece entitled “New Law Makes it Easier to Prosecute Those Who Offend Immigrants or Those in Power,” “The crime of ‘insult’ will be prosecuted — but only for giving offense to immigrants, LGBTQ persons or authorities … [under a] common insult to the public prosecution.” The law has been pushed by Swedish parliamentarian Andreas Norlén, who said, during what Fria Tider described as “an unchallenged debate on the issue in parliament,” “I do not think it takes very many prosecutions before a signal is transmitted in the community that the Internet is not a lawless country — the sheriff is back in town.”

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Swedes replace credit cards with hand swipe

Finally, more outrageous experimentation from our dear former country Sweden. Populous willfully falling right in line with the transhumanist agenda of surveillance and cattle tagging.

Why carry that heavy wallet around and endure personal privacy, when you can transform yourself into a walking, talking, automated identification system with the flick of a hand?

The Local reports: “More than a thousand Swedish shoppers have signed up to make payments with a swipe of their hand, paying at machines in Lund that scan the unique pattern of their veins. “

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Record number of people leave Sweden

Wow, really? Well this is a big surprise! I wonder why … hm.
Record number of people leave Sweden
The number of people who left Sweden behind last year hit the historic levels seen when Swedes headed to America in droves, Statistics Sweden noted on Thursday. 

In 2013, 23,500 women and 27,100 men upped sticks and left Sweden. While most still headed to neighbouring Norway, both Denmark and Britain crept up in the table of most popular countries to move to.

The sheer number of emigrants now matches the massive wave of people who left for the US in the 1880s, Statistics Sweden noted.

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Old tricks, same tactics

The words of Swedish Ulla Lindström, a Social democratic Minister of Development in 1955 (Translation below):

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“It would be nice/fun if Sweden with its well-kept and slum-free cities and its unusually uniform and well-balanced population in the future also would be inhabited by our descendants without too much of a violent mixing of people of foreign stock.”

“Det vore roligt om Sverige med sina välskötta och slumfria städer och sin ovanligt enhetliga och välbalanserade befolkning även i framtiden skulle komma att bebos av våra efterkommande utan alltför våldsam uppblandning av främmande folkelement.

The self hatred by Swedes goes a long way back. In this speech by Ulla Lindström it shows that there is a kind of romanticized image that Sweden and Swedes would somehow be a better people, if they just would lose the traits that they have.

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Swedish prosecutor takes a page from the Soviet manual – Swedish Artist to be declared insane to have him have committed

It’s a continued string of sad event’s that lead you to realize that Sweden and Swedes have become completely and utterly brainwashed in the cultural marxist education that the corrosive degenerate Frankfurt school and their champagne socialists professors have instilled in their subjects. They are absolutely loving it. The resentment of anyone how is critical of the mass immigration suicide currently performed on Swedes by Swedes are to be declared insane and then committed to mental institution, forcibly drugged, lobotomized and re-educated in self hate and the new state religion of Anti-Swedish sentiments. This is frightening and on a level that is gaining momentum every day The international community has no idea the soft tyranny that exists in Sweden. Mind you, this crazy lefty society prides it self on being no.1. This is unbelievably intimidating when you come to realize that they can come and get you for your opinions, for your thoughts and now for your art.

Check out this article from: below:

Swedish prosecutor takes a page from the Soviet manual

Even before he has been sentenced, Swedish street artist Dan Park has already been jailed for repeating an offense he may not have committed and the prosecutor wants him declared insane.

Whatever one may think of the Swedish street artist Dan Park, there is no denying that he has a gift for attracting publicity.

On March 19 he was accused of ”denigration of ’folkgrupp’” (”folkgrupp” is the Swedish term for specially protected segments of the population, such as Muslims, Gypsies, homosexuals and women – but not the original Swedes nor men in general).

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Soviet Sweden? Model Nation Sliding to Third World

From: Youtube / CBN News

Sweden is wealthy, beautiful, and modern. But it has been compared to nations like the Soviet Union. One U.N. report says it will soon be a third-world nation.

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