Mona Sahlin’s Anti-Swedish rants

“I think that’s what makes many Swedes jealous of immigrant groups. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that brings you together. And what do we have? We have Midsummer’s Eve and such silly things.”

— Mona Sahlin in a speech to the Turkish youth organization Euroturk, March, 2002. Source

“I hate everything that is genuine, typical Swedish.”

— Source: Expressen July 26, 2002.

“If two equally qualified persons apply for a job in a company with few immigrants, the one who is named Mohammed shall have the job.”

— Source: Göteborgs-Posten on 22 October 2000.

Here she is, Mona Muslim, in all her anti-White glory:

I think that Mona actually thinks Swedish culture and history is the Christianized Maypole and the imported Italian meatballs. I don’t think she understands that there is more. In her mind she probably doesn’t know, she hasn’t seen it and therefore it doesn’t exist. She hasn’t bothered to find out either of course. The atheist, science and socialist indoctrination commonly refereed to as “education” that Mona suffers from has most likely never included anything megalithic. She in most likely doesn’t know about the magnificent past of Västra Götaland, the land of the Goths. The country where ALL of the ancient kings of “Sweden” were born and are buried.

But who knows, maybe she does know … and she hate it.

She hates Kiviksgraven.

She hates Ekornavallen

And never mention Anundshögen to her – she’ll be furious!

These sites pale a bit in comparison to Göbekli tepe (update: not anymore as we now have our own 11 000 year old site discovered at the southern tip off Sweden), but I doubt that THIS is the place Mona thinks about when she mentions the “wonderful Turkish heritage”. She only probably thinks about the Mosques and the Islamic expansion. How these “feminists” have come to embrace such a misogynistic religion is beyond belief. Maybe her hatred for Sweden and the Swedes overrides it, she’ll use any force she can to destroy the object of her hate … by using another fucked up religion. Sweden has fought long and hard to resists Christianity. We didn’t really win, the Christianity that invaded and colonized our lands and our minds have just transformed into the Calvinistic “scientific” dictatorship that we suffer from today. Now the Swedish people are being smashed between a rock and a hard place. We’re now getting a taste of the two other psychotic parts of that insane trinity called the Abrahamic religions: Judaism and Islam! Aren’t we lucky.



5 thoughts on “Mona Sahlin’s Anti-Swedish rants

  1. Maybe Mona finally saw Sweden for what it was, an arrogant little nation trying to be more important than it really was by playing both sides of ever political issue, selling arms to both sides of every war and criticizing other nations that believed in something enough to die for the cause.

  2. Mona Sahlin is a fascist shitsack, who probably only ever got any dick from some muslim because no Swedish man would touch that dykish twat with a 10 foot maypole. She and Fredrik Reinfeldt are cut from the same Swede hating cloth and should be on trial for treason.

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  4. Why do you link the bronze age burial Kiviksgraven in Danish Scania to “the land of the Goths”, more than a thousand years before eastern Denmark was counquered by Sweden?
    We don’t even know for sure it was a king buried in Kivik or that Scandinavia had such things as kings or chieftains in the late bronze age. Many things suggest that the pre-christian society was more anarchic (in an ordered way) like viking age Iceland.

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