Outcry over Sweden’s Persecution of Homeschoolers Grows

By Alex Newman | thenewamerican.com

As homeschooling families continue to flee Sweden in the face of escalating persecution, the global outcry over the controversial Swedish policies is growing louder. More than a few critics and reporters have even blasted the government’s actions and behavior as reminiscent of the former Soviet Union.

In recent days, a senior U.S. lawmaker and popular televangelist Pat Robertson have spoken about the situation as well. And Jews around the world are concerned about the fate of a Jewish homeschooling family being targeted in Sweden, too.

The Swedish government was already facing worldwide criticism from human rights groups for what opponents called its “kidnapping” of Domenic Johansson. The then-7-year-old homeschooler was abducted from an airplane bound for India by police after his parents refused to stop educating him at home — and that was in June of 2009, while homeschooling was still technically legal. The boy remains in state custody, completely isolated from his parents.

The ongoing tragedy drew prompt condemnation from around the world. Organizations like the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), Advocates International, the Network for Freedom in Education, the Nordic Committee for Human Rights, and many more all got involved. Media outlets from every corner of the globe picked up the story, too, shattering Sweden’s image as a “social utopia.”

And now, the pressure just got turned up another notch. After a tear-jerking report about the Johansson family’s plight by the Christian Broadcasting Network, popular television evangelist Pat Robertson — an American media icon with incalculable global influence — offered his comments: “It’s so amazing — this family was leaving,” he said. “They were on an airplane — on an airplane leaving — so what do the Swedes care whether they were homeschooling their kid? They were leaving the country!”

And the tragedy is a consequence of overbearing government, he warned. “This is what socialism does. This is what the Big Brother does. And they never want to admit a mistake. That’s what happened here,” Robertson said during a segment of The 700 Club, an enormously influential Christian TV program aired throughout the U.S. and around the world. The show reaches hundreds of millions of people in more than a dozen nations every year.

“They made a mistake and they won’t admit it, so this poor child is being destroyed — the family is being ruined — because of a bureaucratic mistake,” Robertson continued, calling the tragedy “unbelievable.” “It breaks your heart. That’s why we have got to fight for your freedom. Fight for your freedom here in America — don’t give up your liberties.”

Robertson’s co-host, Kristi Watts, agreed. “My heart is just on the floor right now,” she said, asking parents around the world to pray for the family and the little boy.

Before Pat Robertson and CBN’s most recent segment on the Johansson family, Fox News personality Judge Andrew Napolitano exposed the tragedy on Freedom Watch as well. And as time goes by, pressure on the Swedish government is intensifying. But it is not just the Johansson family that has been targeted.

In 2010, Sweden’s Parliament passed a draconian law essentially banning homeschooling while forcing all schools to teach the highly controversial government curriculum. The measure officially made Sweden the first Western nation since Nazi Germany to prohibit home education.

Homeschoolers in the Scandinavian nation, terrified of what might happen after the Johansson saga, began to flee. Families moved to Canada, the Czech Republic, various Nordic nations — all of which allow home education — and other nations. So far, however, despite the persecution, no homeschooled children in Sweden have been enrolled long-term in government schools.

After the controversial law went into effect last year, Jonas Himmelstrand, the president of the Swedish Association for Home Education (ROHUS), decided to stay and fight — at least until the persecution campaign intensified. But enormous fines and threats from the social services finally forced him to seek asylum with his family in neighboring Finland, where he now lives in the same area as other Swedish homeschooling exiles.

And the world has taken notice. Most recently, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) sent a letter to the Swedish Ambassador to the United States, Jonas Hafström, inquiring about the Himmelstrands. According to reports, Sen. Blunt wanted to know why they were forced to flee from their homeland.

The response from Ambassador Hafström has human rights advocates very concerned about the situation. “Sweden believes in defending the rights of the child, and as a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Sweden offers strong legal protection to the rights of children,” Hafström claimed in the letter.

Analysts seized on the comment to re-emphasize the potential dangers of the highly controversial UN CRC treaty, which the U.S. government has not ratified. However, others have noted that multiple UN and EU treaties specifically permit homeschooling, thereby rendering the Ambassador’s response bizarre, according to critics.

“Parents have a prior right to determine the form and content of their children’s education,” explained HSLDA Chairman Mike Farris, who also leads the group ParentalRights.org. “In … Sweden, we see a one-size-fits-all approach to education that seeks to restrict, if not deny, a parent’s ability to teach what they believe.”

The Swedish government, apparently, does not see it that way. “All children in Sweden have the right to education on the same terms and high quality instruction, and we find that compulsory schooling is a way to guarantee that this right is fulfilled for all children. Under Swedish law, school instruction must be comprehensive and objective,” Ambassador Hafström’s response continued, misusing the term “rights” to refer to state mandates instead. “The government does not find that homeschooling is necessary for religious or philosophical reasons.”

But along with Christians, atheists, and others, Jews in Sweden and around the world disagree. In the Swedish city of Gothenburg, authorities are attempting to force a respected Jewish family — using official threats and intimidation — to violate their values by sending their remaining school-age children to government school.

Out of 11 children, four are still young enough to be subject to the government edict, though they have been educated successfully outside of the Swedish system by their parents and through a Jewish distance-learning program. The family’s older children — most of whom were also taught at home — were all educated to a much higher standard than their Swedish peers.

“This is a stain on the reputation of a country that takes pride in equality as a fundamental value,” said Rabbi Alexander Namdar, a representative of the Chassidic movement to Sweden for over two decades. The family’s attorney told reporters that the case would be a critical test of Sweden’s religious freedom, and the government’s threats have already created a firestorm of controversy.

Homeschooling families and human rights advocates around the world have been engaged in a massive letter-writing campaign asking Swedish authorities to respect international treaties and individual rights. Other outraged activists have even called for a boycott of Swedish goods. Some are simply praying. But across the globe, pressure is mounting and will almost certainly continue to build.

Source: http://thenewamerican.com/world-mainmenu-26/europe-mainmenu-35/11283-outcry-over-swedens-persecution-of-homeschoolers-grows

30 thoughts on “Outcry over Sweden’s Persecution of Homeschoolers Grows

  1. This is horrifying. I can hardly wrap my head around the idea that they believe they are preserving and defending the rights of children..by stealing them from their parents an causing untold damage to their developing minds by keeping them from all that keeps them safe and well. I’m saddened beyond the pale, and can’t imagine any civilized country doing this to their people…barbarism.

  2. This is part of the Global Agenda, so it will eventually be done in all countries. These Oligarchs are pedafiles and they have found a great way to get kids. This is happening here in the U.S. as well, but most family are clue less to the real reason they are facing such ridiculous laws, like they are so concerned that they would kidnap a child from his parents. We need to fight!! Freedom is not free!!

  3. Don’t here Christians complaining much about the hundreds of thousands of indigenous children they kidnapped and forced to attend Chruch run boarding schools. Or hear them screaming murder when tens of thousands of them were tortured, brutally murdered and burried on the school grounds. All you hear is a deathly silence when it comes to real attrocities.

  4. Our boys, now 19 and 16 years of age – seems we made it through the tightening grip of the gauntlet; though unschool is ‘legal’ in both the countries we have lived in – Africa, Western Europe – I always felt vulnerable, uneasy, alert, furtive, super-aware, because it is not just the letter of the law that grinds to bind children by educational incarceration engineering and thereby steal them from their parents, it is setting too, governed by society, by ‘opinion’, the collective opinion of the uninformed and the blind. Harassment can happen by erstwhile policy, even where ‘the law’ supposedly allows and parents shouldn’t have to put up with that, live like that, feeling like virtual fugitives, always having to explain themselves in the face of accusative hostility, never mind the extreme outrage that is detailed here. I wish the aggrieved strength, resilience, overcoming spirit. I just can’t help feeling that there must be some way that we could all be much more clever. Isn’t there? There just must be some ‘cards that we hold up OUR sleeves’ that we just haven’t worked out how to play yet. Now’s the time to get more sly in this dastardly game. Really. Thanks for keeping tabs here Hendrik. Appreciated.

  5. Sweeden is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to respecting human rights, that’s probalby why homeschooling prohibition suddenly become so much discussed. Howere to me as an Humanitarian Law student it seems ridiculus how people are weeping about it, preheps Sweeden spoiled their citizens and gave them too much freedom so it’s hard to introduced some restriction (to what a sovereign cuontry has apsolute right). The title itsel ”WHY I LEFT SWEDEN” is so dramatic, but hey I wonder where did you guys actually move after Sweden ?
    Czech Republic? Lol, I’m from there, homeschooling may be legal in here (yeah cuz our educatioanl system is not even a servant to the Swedish, and Czech governent don’t eve bother with reforming it and emphasise importance of it, as it should) BUT
    there is a never ending list of violation of other MORE BASIC and primary human laws, severe gener discrimination, ethical (did you ever meet Roman person?), pensions, health care,you name it, we have it.
    Canada? ”ethical mosaic culture?” ROLF, try for a day be a homless in there, btw Does Sweden even have homless ppl?

    Homeschooling is at the end of the day very offten producing socialy NOT-inteligent and NOT much adopted people, and it is really hard to see why obligatory attending the world’s best (ok after Finland) schooling system would be something bad.(”OH NO HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATION”, I don’t even want to start writting about any African or developing country’s situation) It can just help Swedish society to integrate and harmonize their society, and where is harmonisation there is greater ppl’s satisfaction <3

    Sweden is democratic-socialistic counrty, ok, but is milleniums away from any communistic system that had and do exist.

    ''Just a little more love
    Just a little more peace
    It's all it takes to live a dream
    Walk hand in hand
    Gotta understand
    And one day soon
    We'll live in harmony…"

    • This is a reply to Lumus8.

      “Sweeden is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to respecting human rights,”

      Oh yeah? So this is why they have banned homeschooling then, yep that makes sense? This is an oxymoron! How can a country that doesn’t allow its own citizens to make their own choices or have the freedom to educate their own children to be “one of the top countries in the world when it comes to respecting human rights”? That point of argument just doesn’t make sense.

      “that’s probably why homeschooling prohibition suddenly become so much discussed.”

      No, the reason why it’s being discussed is because finally a few more people are starting to realize that the Swedish government kidnaps children from their parents and destroy families. An atrocity that has nothing to do with “respecting human rights”.

      “Howere to me as an Humanitarian Law student it seems ridiculus how people are weeping about it, preheps Sweeden spoiled their citizens and gave them too much freedom so it’s hard to introduced some restriction (to what a sovereign cuontry has apsolute right).”

      So you’re a Humanitarian Law student that consider that Sweden has “spoiled their citizens” by giving them “too much freedom“!? Oh, joy what a “humanitarian” you’ll be! And you consider it to be “ridiculus” that people are “weeping” about the state kidnapping children? What demonic planet are you from? Watch this you IDIOT: http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=19100

      The title itsel ”WHY I LEFT SWEDEN” is so dramatic, but hey I wonder where did you guys actually move after Sweden ?

      This is not the point of the website, the contention is simply to point out the problem that exists in Sweden. This is NOT about claiming that another country is “better” or “worse” for that matter.

      “our educatioanl system is not even a servant to the Swedish”

      Well then you should consider yourself lucky. This is what you’re not getting: state-run “education” is “indoctrination”. Instead of relying on your government taking care your problems you should take responsibility and educate your own children when and if you have them. It’s called FREEDOM, something that people in Sweden don’t have.

      “there is a never ending list of violation of other MORE BASIC and primary human laws, severe gener discrimination, ethical (did you ever meet Roman person?), pensions, health care,you name it, we have it.”

      This attitude of, “there are worse crimes – therefore it’s not important” is just idiotic. You’re missing the point of the argumentation. The article is not addressing starvation in Africa or torture at Guantanamo. It’s specifically talking about violation of parents freedom to educate their own child. Why are you taking the discussion OFF topic, going off about something that has NOTHING to do with the subject matter that is being addressed. There are A LOT of things that are “worse” … but so what… should we all drop everything and run to try to fix the “worst” problems first? No, it doesn’t work that way. This is a focus on LOCAL problems. What is you’re problem with that?

      “Does Sweden even have homless ppl?”

      You’ve been more eager to blurb out your nonsense before you actually take some time to look through the website. It’s all there. For instance: http://www.whyileftsweden.com/?p=130

      “Homeschooling is at the end of the day very offten producing socialy NOT-inteligent and NOT much adopted people”

      What is your reference for this? This is a complete lie and this is something that always is regurgitated by “leftists” to justify uniformity and a oneness educational program of conformity. That homeschooling is worse then public schooling is a completely unfounded point and you have nothing to back up this claim with. You need to look at the work of school teacher John Taylor Gatto, who was named New York City Teacher of the Year in 1989, 1990, and 1991 for the TRUE story of public schooling and the studies that have been done that shows how detrimental “State Controlled Consciousness” really is.

      If you doubt this, simply LOOK AROUND at all the “BRILLIANT” people are our there. I would even include in the evidence AGAINST public schooling your own apparent “skill” in the English language. I guess you are after all “trained” in public school, correct?

      “world’s best (ok after Finland) schooling system would be something bad.”

      Are you referring to Sweden? Are you saying that it’s one of the best systems in world? Hahah – what rock did you crawl out from. Your yard stick is. If it’s not WORSE then what it is in my country, it has to be good. That’s like saying: it’s good to have “a little” cancer – because it’s not as bad as having “a lot”. From WHERE are you getting the data or research for this this? What is your reference? And according to who’s standards is this the “worlds best”? Is it empirical research? Have you been to Sweden going to school here? What school did you go to?

      I don’t even want to start writting about any African or developing country’s situation) It can just help Swedish society to integrate and harmonize their society, and where is harmonisation there is greater ppl’s satisfaction <3

      Again, what has Africa got to do with anything. You’re comparing apples and bed sheets again. They are totally unrelated. What is being addressed here are the PROBLEMS WITH SWEDEN not the problems of the world. Are you saying that things are not BAD just because you put them into comparison to something that in your opinion is WORSE? This is logical fallacy and it’s evident that you don’t know what the hell you are talking about! WAKE UP!

      If you LOVE Sweden so much GO THERE then. Live there, work there, start a business there, socialize there – stay for 3 years. THEN we can talk about what you “think”

      • Great reply Schewiden,
        My cousin and his wife have homeschooled all of their ten kids. All their kids of college age got scholarships to the best universities in the United States. They live in California however which has one of the worst school systems in America. A kid doesn`t learn anything there except how to be politically correct, or how to play baketball, or how to get high. Just the fact that parents would want to teach their children at home shows that they are concerned and capable parents.

  6. “too much freedom” What a servile brainwashed fool you are, perhaps you would care to move to the Nirvana of North Korea where you would not have the freedom to use the internet make such silly comments and therefore spare the rest of us from shaking our heads in disbelief at your naivety.

  7. “If you LOVE Sweden so much GO THERE then”
    Ok, here comes a comment from a genuine, and in the eyes of some of you totally indoctrinated Swedish person, who is born in Sweden, who has studied in public schools of Sweden, who is even grateful for the same (but who now, however – for other reasons – live in Denmark). I follow your discussion partly with astonishment, and also with some amusement… This extreme fear for losing freedom, the same, as it seems, as that which makes many Americans completely outraged from fear of losing the valuable freedom and right to die in diseases you yourself have chosen – or have you? (I´m talking about Obama´s compulsory health insurance) About the Swedish fear of homeschooling – it´s a fear of uncontrolled fanatism, growing intolerance among people, in the last end a fear of extremism and terrorism. If the point of views of the parents are elevated into something pseudo-divine, and the child never gets the opportunity to meet any people with any other points of view – from where will they learn tolerance towards other people? And if the parents are so wise as to teach tolerance for other people to their children, why are they then so scared of letting their children meet and get to know these other people in a school for everyone? Besides, before you judge Sweden as being half or wholly communist and supressing, you should know, that there is a legal possibility of letting your children go to a private school (religious or non-religious). The demands from society are high for these schools – they have to give the same quality of teaching, they must educate into democracy etc. And they are expensive, no state contributions for private schools. But they are legal, as opposed to homeschooling. I hope this has given you some more clarity as to how many Swedish people look upon these things…

    • Åsa, you need to clarify you’re point’s in better English. I have no idea what you are trying to say. From what I can decipher though, it obvious that you seem to suffer from Stockholm syndrome. You have fell in love with your captors and you don’t understand the wider aspects of criticism that we raise about the of the tyrannical forces that operate withing the Swedish government. Freedom to you seems like an OK thing to lose!? If this is the case. I really don’t know what more to say to you …you seem hopelessly lost in a Pavlovian nightmare of conditioning, a true child of the scientific dictatorship that doesn’t value personal freedom at all. You won’t “get it” though, you’ll defend the forces that have enslaved you and attack those who try to free you, without even knowing why! Good luck in the future!

      • I admit, my English is a bit rusty from not being used too frequently in the last years, and my patience was to small to consult a dictionary (I miss smileys on this website)… but am I allowed to have an opinion different from yours anyway? Without being ridiculed or pulled to pieces? A little bit more respect and tolerance for different opinions, please… Not only for me – the same applies to others with whom you disagree, for example Lumus 8, who got a rather uncharitable treatment on this site, to put it mildly. I feel tempted to say that you would need some socialization from public school to learn some basic respect and tolerance for other people… Freedom, can there ever be too much of it? An interesting question. Freedom is basically a good and necessary thing, I am deeply grateful for (though you may disagree) being born into a democracy with freedom of thought, of speech, of the press etc. (yes, even to express opinions like yours). But freedom can also be misused, when it´s at the expense of other people, when it´s a means of demand advantages for ME, ME, ME… In the discussion of health insurance (excuse me, I don´t know what you call it “over there”) you can see this when the rich people are afraid to lose freedom by contributing a little (through taxes) to essential hospital care for the poor – in this question of home schooling, you can see it when parents are desperately afraid of loosing the opportunity for making their children into copies of themselves, may develop opinions of their own… In my opinion, this is selfishness.

        • Let me finish my comment (I stopped a bit abruptly before, when I had guests coming…again I miss a smiley). Who is actually lacking freedom – Swedish people who have the opportunity of studying in a politically and religiously neutral school for everybody, or the homeschooled children, who will, as far as I can imagine (you are welcome to prove the opposite) never have a chance to develop any opinions different to those of their parents? Who is being indoctrinated the most? When this has been stated, I don´t say that the Swedish school is perfect, that there couldn´t be done more to secure that all minorities are treated with the same respect. But let´s take the discussion together, in fellowship, and try to solve the problems together. To leave society and fellowship to make schools of your own, that´s a failure, according to my opinion.

          • I don’t agree. I think diversity and individuality is the answer. The more different types of educations we have, the better it will be. I’m for diversity – not conformity.

            There’s a reason why pest and insects in nature attack when mankind grown mono cultures. We need permaculture or polyculture otherwise the same thing is going to happen (it is happening) to the human psyche. The “pest” that attack is low-intelligence, creativity, no “thinking outside of the box” because everyone is thinking the same, because they all have been educated the same.

            Observe nature and learn how it does things. Centralized rule has NEVER worked in nature for a reason. There is “bottom up” self-organisation in nature not “top down” hierarchy.

            A multitude of originality is only going to come about if mankind breaks out of the prison of conformity and stop being scared of differences. Something Swedes and the Swedish society never will in it’s current form.

        • Åsa, please take a few minutes to watch this clip and read the story: http://www.whyileftsweden.com/?p=59

          Please let me know if you consider this to be “correct” and respectful behavior? If you do really believe this is OK – you sure are in the right country!

          …and there you go again with the “…too much freedom” splur. What are you a Neocon? No, there is no such thing as “too much freedom”!

          I’m appalled and disgusted with your opinion and I’m going to make sure that you understand that – especially when you come to MY website and speak it.

          You don’t know what the hell is going on in you’re own country, but you’re willing to defend it. It’s amazing!

          You also make the SAME mistake as Barney/Lumus8, to assume that I’m American? Why? Where does this come from? You run with an assumption. I’m a native Swede, generations back… but just like the other posters, you didn’t even take ONE MOMENT to read through some of the other posts on the website, check the background to get an idea about the main narrative of the website, the topics discussed or the points that are raised.

          And then, when it comes to your commenting… you’re “ON IT” right away. SLAMMING an opinion that I post on MY website, and the expect to be treated “respectfully”!? “Respect” is something that you earn, it’s not given to any random smart asses that comes along to spew their garbage in a comment field on a subject they CLEARLY haven’t understood or even taken time to look into.

          I wonder how many YEARS of socialist/lefty indoctrination you’ve had. As an anthropologist I’d like to know, becase it seems to be the “consensus” right now is that there is nothing personal or individual anymore. This is also reflected in your attitude when it comes to this website. This is MY website, not YOURS! Is that clear?

          Yes, on this website that I set up – it IS about ME and MY opinion. You didn’t set up this website, you didn’t create it or pay the domain name and the web host for it or designed it. I DID THAT – hence it’s MINE! Not yours or “public domain”. This generation of “commenting everywhere” and “Like buttons” seems to think that everything is theirs or that they have the “right” to post their opinion everywhere without being critiqued.

          No, this is MY website and it’s MY OPINIONS that are reflected here – that’s just the way it is. But I’m the disrespectful one!? Haha, wake up! You came to this website SLAMMING against the opinion expressed in the article that we re-posted here and then you expect to get a “respectful” treatment back. Well, I’m making it my “right” to comment back to you and in the process say that you are wrong too.

          If you don’t like it – you have the freedom (still – but who knows for how long) to go set up your own website and argue your own points there. But don’t come here and expect that you should be able to post your ignorance about subjects that you havent taken the time to look into, without getting something thrown back at you.

          You mentatlity is a reflectin of typical Swedish collectivist indoctrination. No one is allowed to “offend” anyone else. Political correctness is rampant and it’s all a chaotic collectivist cesspool of “a whole lot of nothing.” The “name of the game” in Sweden is conformity, mono-culture, sameness, neutrality and “equality” – to the point where there is NO diversity or difference of opinion and expression left anymore.

          Again, I refer you to the horrible and tradgic case of Domenic Johansson – and there are MANY MANY more like this in Sweden – but you have no clue – so hence, for you, it doesn’t exists.

          If you took some time to look around at the posts about “Folkhemmet”, the surveillance state, homeschooling atrocities and MANY of the other socially disturbing aspects to this tyrannical government – you perhaps would attain some understanding.

          You have to realize that the government you’re in love with is INSANE and their behavior is not respectful of the individual and the individuals right to live their own life – the way that want to.

          Wake up!

          It’s time to take that head OUT of the SAND and start looking around, learning, reading and realizing what is going on around you before you are ready to defend it. Shame on you!

          • I´m sorry for one thing, which was a mistake; my comment was not meant only or specifically against you personally, although it could look that way because that´s where my comment was placed. It wa meant as an answer to the general “mainstream” opinion on this page, except Lumia 8. From now on I leave this discussion, which I think leads to nothing.

          • A comment to your first comment; thanks for answering in a constructive, mature way. Our opinions may be different on this topic. And that´s fine – we are all different, we think differently and all have the right to express our different thoughts in a peaceful way – that´s what democracy and freedom is about, after all…

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  10. Sweden is not a soviet system,but a feudal system with a outer wrap of sovietfacade.
    The swedes are the true orwellians and totalitarians.They are all manufactured in some sort of Pavlonian laboratory.Conditioned so to say.Sweden is a terrible country much worse than Germany under Hitler.Denmark is much more cultivated and should
    not even consider this bizarre swedish sk “school-minister” for any other job than marching recruits at some kind of barrack.Sweden is truly terrible,an Orwellian nightmare come true.

    • Haha, yeah – I agree with you on the points you raise about Sweden, but to say that Denmark is any better with their 50% + tax is just ridiculous. More cultivated? They are equally conformed to a model that creates the same shitty situation as in Sweden (if not even WORSE) in some aspects. They have the same level of sheepishness and slave mentality there as here. There are no protests against their slave master and the behaviourists would be equally impressed with Denmark as they are with Sweden. All of the neighboring Scandinavia countries are trapped under the tyranny of “The Nordic Model”.

  11. ”You need to look at the work of school teacher John Taylor Gatto, who was named New York City Teacher of the Year in 1989, 1990, and 1991 for the TRUE story of public schooling and the studies that have been done that shows how detrimental “State Controlled Consciousness” really is.”

    lol, ”one bird does not make summer”

    I don’t like Sweden, it’s too well planned,boring and predictable, but it is a rolemodel for more than 90% of the world…
    (I’ prefer Brazil or Portugal ;)
    I didn’t come up with fact nor ranging one state’s human rights assesment myself,
    “Sweeden is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to respecting human rights,”


    ”What a servile brainwashed fool you are”
    -who is lame like to blame ;)
    -ruthness is weak people imitation of strength in lacking of argument.

    I admit I am not familiar with homeschool topic at all,
    but I just wanted to point out that in the world that we are all living it (that’s why I mentioned Czech republic, Canada and developing countries) you should be proud of your country, just look around, you Swedish were bron with a golden spoon in your mouth! And why I described Czech and Canadian violations of human rights it due to the fact those countires were mentioned as much better place to be in…

    Maybe homeschooling it BUUHUAAHUAAH such of a big BIG limitation to you, and yet it really may be a step-back in your democracy and freedom, but at least Sweden is still in top 3 countries in the world in respect of all the rest of rights and liberty you have compariing to ANY other state….

    sorry 4 typos I just got home after from work (& a beer) and we been working on human trafficking datas. I apologize again for comparing apples and pears, but in Sweden much of a greater problem is human trafficking than anything whatsoever semi-defacto-philosophical limitation of freedom via forbiding homeschooling…
    Just saying…

    After all you can always pay extra curriculum to your kids, they’ll get super-informed by both home and state agenda, compare them and take the best from both sides. How possesive & ambitious parent you must be to keep your kid away from public or private school anyway…

    Good night

    ”A country where flowers are priced so as to make them a luxury has yet to learn the first principles of civilization”

    ”Where total liberty is, there is my country”.


  12. Lumus8, you’re not getting it. Human rights? Who gives a fuck about “human rights”? At the end of the day it’s all PROPAGANDA. You can show anything with numbers and statistics, they can basically spew out anything they wan’t (number wise) in order to internationally “market” a particular aspect of a country.

    I don’t care about those numbers or statistics. The most important thing is what ACTUALLY is going on inside of a country and how the people really live (and what the “quality” of the people is). I don’t care about what the government of a country want’s you to think about them. I’m talking about the real life experience of the people.

    So, answer these question, since you know so much about how it is in Sweden:

    When were you here?

    How long did you stay?

    Were were you (area/town)?

    Where or within what area did you work?

    Also, what is your experience of starting up a company as an independent business owner in Sweden?

    Get back to me on these points and then we can talk.

  13. Ok, first of all before you correct some elses english you should take a look at your own.

    Second, what are you talking about?? How can you go from ot having the “freedom” (as you put it) to educate your child at home to an entire country being comunistic? Your argument is lacking any kind of logic. Stop whyning so much! Next time you move to a country do your homework. You seem to me as a person who makes a hen out of a feather. How about sending your children to school?

    And before you start questioning my “expertice”? Yes I’m an imigrant who has been living in sweden the last 20 + years. I’ve lived from the far north (Umeå) to the far south (Lund) and there is nothing wrong with the restriction on home-schooling.

    • You come on this website and right away rant about this and that and claiming that my argument is lacking logic – when it’s evident that you have taken NO TIME whatsoever to go through ANY of the other articles on this website in order to understand the background on some of the issues that are discussed. You have done NOTHING to try to understand the point of view that is being presented or what the argument REALLY is. You don’t even realize that you’re talking to a native born Swedish individual for starters: “Next time you move to a country do your homework.” What are you talking about?! Idiot!

      So to your point, you consider there to be nothing wrong with the restrictions that the government of Sweden has put on homeschooling? Hahah, oh boy what a star we got here! So you see no problem that homeschooling has been banned in Sweden? Ok, well then you probably side with the Swedish state that has taken children like Domenic Johansson right from their parents arms too then? http://www.whyileftsweden.com/?p=59

      Parents have fled the country because they want to continue to have control over the decision making when it comes to their OWN children. If you don’t “get this”, if you don’t understand the gravity of this problem, you’re a lost cause.

      To further argue the point about the socialist social services here in Sweden: There are are hundreds if not even THOUSANDS of similar stories, where the social services have taken away children from their parents for some of the most idiotic stupid reasons. Like talking to much on the phone or not having the right amounts of rooms in a house that was being renovated. The S.S. of Sweden are telling parents HOW they should live their lives and what to do and not to do when it comes to the raising of their OWN children.

      This is a communist/socialist nightmare and you haven’t even BEGUN to realize this.

      Stop whyning so much Oh yeah, you’ll fit right in here in Sweden where NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING that ACTUALLY is happening. (Great English by the way!)

      A warm welcome!

      How about doing some fucking reading and learning about the history of the country that you’ve come to before you try to EXPLAIN and set me straight about how the government is aligned politically. Even IF you knew the history it would be doubtful that you have the intellectual framework to actually put it into context. We’re talking thick skull and layers of propaganda to pierce through, not an easy thing to do.

      Ever heard of “Folkhemmet”? http://www.whyileftsweden.com/?p=175

      You still didn’t answer two of the most important questions Barney.

      * Where or within what area did you work?
      * What is your experience of starting up a company as an independent business owner in Sweden?

      This last one is really the watermark.

  14. I stumbled on this page and found myself intrigued by the name of the website.

    I’m going to make a few things clear from the start: I am Swedish and I went to public school. I do not agree with the majority of what is said on this page. I especially disagree with the wording and tone of the language which is used to paint Sweden as a new Soviet or Nazi Germany. Finally, I do not have a strong opinion on whether or not homeschooling should be illegal. But I think most parents are not sufficiently qualified to teach a child above the age of 14.

    One might argue that you can teach children the basics of science, reading, writing, history etc at home, and I wouldn’t disagree with that point. But I think that children benefit from being taught the different subjects by qualified teachers.

    This is the first time I’ve heard anyone call the curriculum in Sweden “highly controversial”. There’s nothing controversial about it. There’s no indoctrination about how great the country or state is (like they had in Soviet, Nazi Germany and still have in China) and no particular culture or religion is favored. In history class you’re taught history and in science class you’re taught science. I went to the public schools in Sweden and I can tell you from first hand experience that it’s about the least controversial educational system I can imagine.

    (Speaking of indoctrination, I think it’s a strange practice in the U.S. where you salute the flag and say the pledge of allegiance etc.)

    On the topic of religion: No teacher is going to tell you that your or your parents’ religion is false. If religious parents want to teach their children that a certain religion is true they can still do so, the public schools does not favorite or deny any religion. Religion is a complete non-issue in school. When after a few years you’re finally taught about religion in school you learn what members of each religion believes, nothing else. If someone wants to deny their children that knowledge then it’s they who are at fault.

    So… I quite honestly don’t get the problem some people got with public education. Are they trying to somehow shelter their children from the other views and opinions they might become exposed to? If religious parents insist on homeschooling because they want their child to believe in the same religion they do… Well, that sounds like indoctrination to me. Socially accepted indoctrination, but still indoctrination.

    When it comes to this issue I believe those wanting the right to home school care more about the rights of the parents than the rights of the children. That’s my opinion.

  15. it is deeply pathetic that parents cannot provide their kids better chances, if not engaging them for additional hours after their ‘formal’ school

    BTW, you never know what would happen if parents were actually doing it, may be accused of emotional abuse or being over-ambitious and the kids will be removed from their custody…

    once I read an article about Norway, written by a Polish teacher working there – she said that if a child would complain to teachers that he/she can’t play outside after school as his/her parents tell him to practice piano, this will be reported and the parents will have to explain this to the social services! you know how it ends if they insist on their kid practicing…
    now we know why there are no famous classic musicians coming from Sweden…

    soon there won’t be any researcher, any writer, any intellectual… just sportsmen!

  16. I live in Sweden and have a now 18-year-old daughter who wish to homeschool to get her high school grades, but as everybody know who read this, she can’t do so. We now desperately wish to do as so many others, leave Sweden for some more freedom, but for poor people that seems like an utopia. Homeschooling isn’t just against the law now in Sweden, it is also for middle-class and up.

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