Swedish military lion gets the snip after women troops protest

The proud lion of Sweden’s Nordic Battlegroup’s coat of arms has been emasculated because a group of female soldiers lodged a complaint with the European Court of Justice.

Christian Braunstein, from the Tradition Commission of the Swedish Army, said: “We were forced to cut the lion’s willy off with the aid of a computer.”

Although the army was happy to make the changes in the interests of gender equality, the artist who designed the insignia was less than pleased.

“A heraldic lion is a powerful and stately figure with its genitalia intact and I cannot approve an edited image.

“The army lacks knowledge about heraldry. Once upon a time coats of arms containing lions without genitalia were given to those who betrayed the Crown.” Vladimir Sagerlund told the Göteborgs-Posten.


Swedish Lion
The lion rampant and shorn of his equipment

Source: dailymail.co.uk

3 thoughts on “Swedish military lion gets the snip after women troops protest

  1. This has gone way too far, with all the BS with the word “hen” and crap!, can’t people realize that we are different, not just that boys and girls are different but all individuals. This has not happened by accident.

    It is still a male lion with that MANE…I have never seen a female lion with a mane that big, has anyone else? But I guess it is just a matter of time before it gets removed as well.

    Btw, I really enjoyed the interview with Mike Cross, I could listen to you two for another 2 hours :).


  2. This post definitely serves as a form of comic relief considering all the other heavy and informative content posted on the site. If anybody has trouble deciding whether or not to immigrate to Sweden, this may or may not help them decide. Great post!

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