Swedish squat: politician wants men to pee sitting down

From: Yahoo / AFP


A local Swedish politician wants to require all men to sit down whenever they use the toilets in a county council building, to keep them clean and promote good health, a councillor said Thursday.

Viggo Hansen, a member of the Left Party, submitted the proposal to the Soermland County Council in central Sweden earlier this week.

In Sweden, where daycare centres encourage little boys to “be a sweetie and take a seatie”, the issue is not being taken lightly.

In an interview with a local television channel, Hansen pointed out that according to some experts sitting down to urinate is not only more hygienic but also reduces the risk of prostate trouble.

His proposal also claims that relieving oneself while seated “contributes to a better and longer sex life.”

Critics suggest it may be difficult to enforce the rule, which the council has one year to study before reaching a decision, according to the head of the Left Party group, Maud Ekman.

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8 thoughts on “Swedish squat: politician wants men to pee sitting down

    • You’re an idiot that is missing the point. How people pee is their own business and even if it was “better,” this is something that the individual decides. Only a slave who doesn’t know what freedom is would encourage laws for how men should pee. Go sit-pee in a urinal. Control freak!

  1. I was at a party in Sweden, and went to the bathroom. When I came out, everyone was smirking and giggling because they could hear me draining the lizard. What a nation of faggots.

  2. there is absolutely nothing wrong for a gentlemen to sit down at a loo and pee – if you ever had to clean toilets, you know about it…
    you do sit down on board smaller (and biger) ships, you sit down at home (hopefully, or do you have servants to clean after you?) and you sit down in general always – except you are in the woods or somewhere outside in nature.
    its not only a matter of beeing hygienic, it is a matter of politeness, education and a sign that you are respecting the rules…only ignorant ‘macho’ are pissing in a loo and mostly they are missing it and spreading their germs to the next who has to sit there…

  3. It ain’t more hygienic. If you sit down, you risk touching the edge of the thing and leaving or picking something BY DIRECT CONTACT. If ALL men do it standing, nobody catches anything coz even if the guy before didn’t aim, you still need to touch the urine WITH YOUR TOOL. If you are standing, that’s quite hard to believe and if you are a woman, even harder.

  4. The Nordic countries are profoundly screwed up. I can empathize with the collective male rage. Hopefully Sweden will soon see their own Anders Brevik!

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