Swedish Justice Center Bombed

By: Anna Molin | online.wsj.com

Comment: This event in Malmö comes as no surprise, this comes in on the heels of “no-go-zones” : recently declared by the Swedish police. Some claim that this is another false flag for vengeance due to the fact that Sweden has recently recognized Palestine. We’ll see where the evidence points to, but it’s clear that these developments would never occur if it wasn’t for multiculturalism and the “vibrancy” of the population replacement agenda in Sweden. These are foreign conflicts and do not belong in a peaceful country, but we all know that those times are over. The elite have pushed this on the Nordic countries and the subservient political ruling class in Sweden have willfully imported them, for the necessary “survival” of Sweden .

An explosive device was placed outside the entrance to the’Rattscentrum’ district court and police building in central Malmo, Sweden. 

Police Are Looking at Possible Links to a Previous Attack

Stockholm – A justice center with multiple departments including a courthouse and police offices was bombed late Sunday night in the Swedish town of Malmö, police said.

The blast significantly damaged the entrance to the district court and shattered the windows and balcony doors of several nearby buildings with private residences. One woman suffered cuts from broken glass but no one was seriously injured in the blast, said Jimmy Modin, a spokesman for the local police.

It was the second bomb attack this year on the justice center located in central Malmö, Sweden’s third-biggest city. In February, explosives caused a similar amount of damage on the same entrance of the building and police are checking to see if there is a connection between the incidents, Mr. Modin said.

Surveillance cameras showed someone placing the explosives outside the district court shortly before Sunday’s blast at 23:22 local time. Police said they picked up on the suspicious activity and were on route to the site when the explosion happened.

No arrests have been made in connection with the bombing. 

“It is an attack on our justice system,” Stefan Sinteus, head of the regional criminal investigation department, told Swedish radio. “Unfortunately in Malmö and the Malmö region, criminals have access to explosives. It is some form of revenge against police, the district court or the prosecutor’s office, but we don’t know against whom at this point.”

Source: online.wsj.com

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