Swedish Government Goes Down in Flames – Failed out of the Gates

From: swedenreport.org

Löfvén: Socialist democrat, reaching for the stars

The ill-conceived Löfvén government crashed and burned on the runway without ever really taking off. Thank goodness.

As expected, the budget vote led to a crushing defeat for Löfvén, who immediately announced a snap election to take place on March 22. Now, having been soundly defeated once, one might assume he’d realize something needs to change. Nope. Löfvén intends to campaign on the same budget. And he’s planning to campaign alongside extremist party MP, which turned out to be a huge liability the first time around.

MP is supposedly a green party, but they have made immigration their main focus for reasons that remain elusive. Their idea of reducing the carbon footprint is mass immigration of poor people from underdeveloped, warm countries to a cold, highly developed country where everybody including refugees consider a new cell phone every other year a basic human right. And they appear to be just as eager as nationalist party SD to make the March election in effect be a vote for increased or decreased immigration.

This is of course a fight they can’t win. According to the Swedish SOM institute, who runs an annual survey on the attitude towards immigration, the 2014 result reveals that just about half the population wants to decrease immigration and only 18% wants to increase it. And with every other month setting new records, it seems unlikely this will change in MPs favor.

Simply put, time is working against MP and the other pro-immigration parties as more and more Swedes (including older immigrants) are faced with the consequences of biting off waaay more than you can chew.

The smear campaigns in the media will probably reach a new low before this is over, but it’s no use. The SD voters are jaded now. Media did everything they could before last election, and SD STILL more than doubled its mandate. And every time yet another Romanian beggar pops up on the sidewalk is a small nudge in SDs favor.

So what of the four opposition parties, the Alliance? They were ousted from power in September and the former prime minister resigned and stomped off stage on the night of the election. Shouldn’t they be eager for another run?

Uncertain. There are huge challenges for the government in the years ahead, with the bill coming due for the some predicted 500 000 additional immigrants. They know damn well what a can of worms Sweden is. They know. Because they were the ones who stuffed the can and left it for someone else to open.

From: swedenreport.org

“This way to the gulags”

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