Swedish woman literally stumbles over 2,000-year-old gold ring found in the Cradle of Sweden

The cradle of the kingdom, that gradually formed into what today is known as Sweden, lies in Western Gotaland (Västergötland).

File:Västergötland vapen.svg

Dag Stalsjo and Vastgotaskolan have shown this to be true. Despite that almost all sources (just like wikipedia) are trying to immediately discredit the theory by pinning it on Nazi nonsense.

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Sweden’s health system ‘worst in the Nordics’

but, but, but…. wasn’t Sweden’s brilliant healthcare system one of the major reasons why the feudal kingdom time and time again get’s voted as one of the “happies” and “best” place one earth, by neo con organisations like Legatum? This is after all the socialist egalitarian utopia where “free” healthcare is forced on you whether you want it or not.

Long queues to see a doctor and get treatment in Sweden have dragged the country far down a European ranking of healthcare providers, with Sweden now the worst among its Nordic neighbours despite efforts to cut waiting times.

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By law, Swedish men are 2nd class citizens

Sweden European flag

By Lucian Vâlsan | From: AVoiceForMen.com

On December 20, on AVfM Radio Program, a caller said that men and women are treated more equally in Europe and mentioned Sweden and Switzerland as the prominent examples.

Although I am sure that it was not the caller’s intention to spread disinformation, at least as far as Sweden is concerned, I beg to differ on that statement big time.

As a Swedish speaker and a connoisseur of the misandric matriarchal society of the gender utopia called Sweden, I took the liberty to look through the Swedish laws and translate some of them in order to make the readers get an idea of how it is to be a man in Sweden.

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Swedish feminists on the warpath against hate

Here is more on Swedish State-Feminism and the theater groups advocating murder and violence against men.

By Joakim Ramstedt | From: AVoiceForMen.com

Sweden Blood

Some of you might remember the infamous Swedish film clip where a group of Swedish feminists calling themselves S.C.U.M Sweden,  produced and posted a video on Youtube  depicting the point-blank shooting and murder of a man reading a newspaper. Read more about it here. Now another video have been posted on Youtube. This time they even threaten the swedish prime minister. This time it´s another radical left wing feminist group who call themselves “Skabbteatern” (Scabies theater) who are the producers. This new masterpiece is called “Du är en fitta, din fitta” (You are a cunt you cunt). They do love the C word, those feminists.

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Some questions about SCUM

This article indeed shows how far it has gone in Sweden when it comes to State-Feminism.

From: AVoiceForMen.com

Late last night/early this morning I was contacted by Eigil Söderin, the editor of the Swedish newspaper ETC. The purpose of Söderin’s contact was to ask interview questions about recent activism from AVfM that centered on a controversial Swedish video which depicted a group of young women murdering an innocent man and celebrating their actions with dance and orgasmic joy.

The questions were relevant, if a little superficial, so I thought they deserved to be answered. As I don’t know when the interview will be published, or under what editorial “flavor,” I thought it best to share the unedited questions and answers here with AVfM readers.

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Fun With Swedish SCUM

While the murder is plainly staged, the sadistic glee has every appearance of being genuine. The plain endorsement of murder is also unambiguous. The portrayed murder is followed by the ecstatic giggling of a handful of other females, and an impromptu dance celebration. The woman who apparently shoots a newspaper-reading man appears to have an spontaneous orgasm following the killing. A minor discontinuity in the video shows where most of the orgasm was edited out. Killing for no apparent reason is i guess nothing to hide from the public, but dampening your panties over it apparently is.

Source: youtube.com

Why Sweden is not the country you thought it was

From: redicecreations.com

In this commentary Henrik Palmgren analyzes the recent civil unrest and rioting in the immigrant dense suburbs outside Stockholm, Sweden. He talks about the media climate in Sweden which has done everything they can to fuel the fires. Henrik explains why the different sides are both right and wrong. Once again he refutes the Nordic Model as the promoted future “super model.”

Red Ice Radio

Mikael Jalving – Hour 1 – Absolut Sweden: A Country Undergoing Change

Alex Newman – Hour 1 – Sweden’s Big Government ’Utopia’ Unmasked

Christer Johansson – Hour 1 & 2 – Abduction of Domenic Johansson by Swedish Social Services

Mike Cross – Hour 1 – Philosophy of a Psychopathic Society

Four part series on the Assasination of Olof Palme, with Ole Dammegård:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

More about the Nordic Model in our commentary section

Lies from the EconomistForbesLegatum Prosperity Index

Additional links:

Somali reporter: Swedish journalists are more dangerous than al-Shabab

‘Lack of public debate on immigration caused Stockholm riots’

Stockholm riots update: “Tabloid Journalists are paying youth to burn cars”

“Policy of multiculturalism in Europe has failed”

Psychoanalyst Rollo May talking about Swedish society in “Sagolandet” (Fairy tale land)

“Folkhemmet” – Sweden’s Fascism in slow motion

Barbara Spectre : Leading Jewish Role in Multiculturalism

‘They don’t want to integrate’: Fifth night of youth rioting rocks Stockholm

Marc Abramsson from the National Democratic Party comment on the Husby Riots in Stockholm

Sweden’s Unwritten Law: Jante

Stockholm braced for further rioting by young immigrants

Main article from FT.com follows below this comment:

Well, all of this is hardly unexpected, since there now is pretty much annual riots in Sweden. Disgruntled immigrants who are burning cars, schools and other buildings is now turning into the norm in Sweden …as it seems to be throughout the rest of Europe. Stones are flying and you can smell the violence in the air.

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The BBC promotes the Law of Jante (Idiots!)

This conceptualizes the nightmare of collectivist Swedish society AKA “the Ant Society”:

  • You’re not to think you are anything special
  • You’re not to think you are as good as us
  • You’re not to think you are smarter than us
  • You’re not to convince yourself that you are better than us
  • You’re not to think you know more than us
  • You’re not to think you are more important than us
  • You’re not to think you are good at anything
  • You’re not to laugh at us
  • You’re not to think anyone cares about you
  • You’re not to think you can teach us anything
BBC with their “expert” Lars Tragardh, the go-to guy for BBC when it’s a question regarding anything Swedish, get’s EVERYTHING wrong as usual. While attempting to promote the “economic success” or the Nordic Model Tragardh repeats the old argument: “The King aligned with the peasants. Ergo: Swedish behavior!”
Breaking away from collectivism is something great, emphasizing the individual is something dry Sweden would need, but doesn’t know how to do, it’s been bred out of the them. Just as the article highlights, the way things are changing in Sweden now (and around the world) is with empty exaggeration and hot air. In other words it’s getting worse. Empty bragging with an attitude amounts to nothing. Never has celebrating mediocrity been so popular. On one hand you have a majority of folks in Sweden incapable of making decisions and acting on their own, due to government holding their hand for their entire lives while planning everything  around them  (i.e. government tyranny masquerading as security), while you on the other hand have a rise in a kind of attitude “toughness” that amounts to something like a deflated hot air balloon filled with farts. It won’t take you anywhere …and it stinks! THIS behavior is what is spreading among the young teens and increasingly the 30-40 something “grown up” teenage behaving children in this rotten country. It’s the WORST of two worlds colliding, and what is so poetic is that it is just THIS that the Nordic Model offers. The Nordic model that is celebrated around the world is the WORST of two worlds. The worst of socialism and the worst of crony capitalism or call it monopoly capitalism if you will. Same garbage. I’m amazed at how Jeffrey Gedmin and the other neocons (i.e. trotskyites) at the Legatum Institute have managed to promote Scandinavia into the forefront of world politics and it’s now the most sought after collectivist models, that they are trying to export to the rest of a very gullible planet earth. The Nordic model is the future world government model!
By Finlo Rohrer | BBC.co.uk

With each new series of The Apprentice comes another epic salvo of boasting and braggadocio. This Anglo-American approach to “bigging up” your skills and successes is a far cry from how things are done across the North Sea in Scandinavia.

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Confused authors and publishers bicker over what they call “Swedish history angst”

As Christmas approaches and Swedes engage in a bout of uncharacteristic tradition, historian and liberal commentator David Lindén argues that a “history anxiety” rears up to stifle public debate about the country’s less liberal and tolerant literary past.

“Less liberal and tolerant literary past” Oh my god! God forbid that we can’t completely erase the SHAMEFUL historical past of Sweden’s incessant racism that is all over our history! Yes, David Lindén, thank you for clarifying that you’re a “liberal commentator” fourteen words in…. like we couldn’t guess that from the fifth word and onward … when you say that “Swedes engage in a bout of uncharacteristic tradition” ….

“uncharacteristic tradition” What do you mean with this exactley? Like Swedes have some kind of “Jekyll and Hyde” situation going on over Christmas?

Christmas is coming and thus one of few times of the year when Swedes follow historical tradition. During Christmas more Swedes than usual attend church…

(Uh oh! WARNING!)

…and it is also one of the few occasions when most Swedes skip modern cuisine for the traditional Swedish julbord, which contains old-fashioned treats such as pigs’ feet in jelly and various sorts of pickled herring. As a Swedish food historian has pointed out: the julbord tradition is a tie with those who came before and those who will come after and is a tradition shared by most Swedes, young and old.

I bet this Swedish “food historian” receives government money to do what he does… Just look at that line: “the julbord tradition is a tie with those who came before and those who will come after and is a tradition shared by most Swedes.” Oh really, you don’t say. Wow, that is profound! Now that’s why you’ve get government grants and have a Ph D in “Food History” and not me. Classy, classy stuff.

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A Short History of Sweden’s Entitlement Society

During his long reign, Tage Erlander, Swedish prime minister between 1946 and 1969, spoke grudgingly of the impending “discontent of growing expectations.” He was referring to how the Swedish labor movement, after decades of expansive welfare reforms, rather than being gratified, seemed incessantly focused on what it had not yet received from the perennial Social Democratic government.
Erlander’s misgivings turned out to be accurate. The entitlement society is indeed a beast that feeds on itself. From 1959 to 1977 the total tax burden in Sweden grew from a moderate 25.2 percent to a staggering 47.5 percent, topping out in 1990 at 52.3 percent. During the same time, the public sector share of GDP doubled, while private payrolls fell, predictably causing a decline in economic growth. In 1970 Sweden’s growth was second in the world only to Japan’s; in 1990 it was second-lowest in the OECD, even as entitlements and the public sector kept growing. Hence, a familiar choice: Either stop spending, or keep borrowing on the backs of future generations.
But making such a choice is no simple thing. A universal welfare state has consequences that run deeper than the economy, and are more difficult to reverse even than a two-decade-long economic disaster. Fundamental structures of civil society wilt when human responsibilities—including those towards future generations—are subsumed under government entitlements (in Sweden, giving to charity, absurdly, came to be considered a lack of solidarity, since it undermined the need for the welfare state); a sense of passivity spreads when people feel that personal happiness or despondency is independent of their own actions. The bureaucratic framework of the welfare state also locks in electoral support as a growing share of the voters move from private to public payrolls—why vote yourself out of a job? All of these factors made the prospects for Sweden to break the vicious spiral bleak indeed.
Sweden is a country that only 30 years ago was on the brink of socializing corporate profits so as to continue down the road to ruin.
Against all odds, voters defied political expectations. In 1991 they removed the Social Democratic government, and put in place a center-right government that promised to attack the fundamental problems of the welfare state. When the Social Democratic party was voted back in three years later—as a consequence not of the reforms, but because the economic recovery was not coming soon enough—it continued on the road to reform, keeping in place the essential transformations.
Sweden is a country that only 30 years ago was on the brink of socializing corporate profits so as to continue down the road to ruin.
Excerpts from: weeklystandard.com
Ed comment: The article gives the illusion that it’s “better” in Sweden now. Sweden is still very much an entitlement society. There has been a very clever program of privatizations that gives outsiders the illusion that Sweden is much more “liberal” economically speaking. In other words less “left” and more “free market.” This is indeed only an illusion. Government regulates like a monolithic monster it has become and there are not many alternate paths for those who want to go above and beyond the playpen that the government has drawn for the tightly regulated business world. Government, together with the few mega monopoly companies regulate to a point where the smaller companies can’t keep up and fulfill the ridiculous jumping of hoop to attain licenses, inspections, approvals, paper work and not to mention the sky high taxes. The “competition” is effectively eroded away pretty early in the game. There is also, more worryingly, no incentive to work hard in Sweden. To “over-achieve” is furthermore a cultural taboo. From the article: “Folkhemmet” – Sweden’s Fascism in slow motion we can read:

After their big economic meltdown in the early 90′s (huge unemployment and welfare benefits that could no longer be paid for) they undertook an exemplary program of privatizations and made big cuts to both taxes and welfare benefits but there are still huge disincentives to work in Sweden. Incomes are kept pretty uniform regardless of what you do — meaning that there is little incentive either to improve one’s skills or to work hard — and the sickness benefit side of the welfare system is still a huge racket. People on sickness benefits no longer get a higher income than they would by working but the benefits are still close to wages and access to the system is very easy. So huge numbers of Swedes have declared themselves too ill to work.

As a consequence, average Swedish incomes have fallen well behind American standards — as indexed by the most objective criterion we have: GDP per capita. When purchasing power is taken into account, the picture is even worse. A cup of coffee, for instance, is likely to cost you three times as much in Sweden as in the USA.
There is much more behind the “transition” from the seemingly endless reign of Tage Erlander, Olof Palme and the social democrats, then the article suggests. When the question was raised to potentially socialize corporate profits, at some point around 1985, it must have been “decided” at a higher level to simply remove Palme from his position of power. Palme was assassinated in February 1986.
But the tyranny remains and slowly.. SLOWLY Sweden is moving in a direction of centralization, control and totalitarian social planning.

Sweden aims to be cashless society

From: AlJazeera.com

With just three per cent of all financial transactions involving cash, country moves to eliminate physical legal tender.

Swedes are among the technologically savvy people on the planet, based on their high rates of use of mobile phones and internet banking.

In fact, only three per cent of all financial transactions in the country are made using cash these days. Even public transport tickets can now be pre-paid using mobile phone technology, and most people use similar services to pay for everything from groceries to major purchases.

Al Jazeera’s Linda Nyberg reports from Stockholm, the Swedish capital.

Article from: aljazeera.com

Swedish Zionist Ewa Björling Attends the Bilderberg Meeting in 2011

Here is Ewa Björling at the 2009 Sweden-Israel National Association held at Västerås City Hall.

I’m always amused to see whom of the Bilderberg Attendants are from Sweden. Usually there are three to five …or so.

You always get “the regulars” like former Prime Minister of Sweden and current Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt and Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman of Investor.

No change this year.

There was also a new name, Ewa Björling, the Minister for Trade.

Ok, interesting – let’s take a look.

In 2006 Björling was awarded with the “Jerusalem Prize” from the Zionist Federation in Sweden. The award is given to persons who has shown “extraordinary support for Israel, Jerusalem and Zionism”.

Zionist Federation of Sweden Presents the Jerusalem Prize

September 19, 2006
Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden, Eviatar Manor, presented the Jerusalem prize to parliamentarian Ewa Bjoerling.

The chairman of the Zionist Federation of Sweden, Mr. Bo Sallmander, introduced the prize winner and her courageous stand in defense of Israel and democracy against the ambiguous policies of the former Swedish government. Ms. Bjoerling is also a professor in microbiology at Karolinska Institute, specializing in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

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Swedish toymaker publishes ’gender-neutral’ children’s Christmas catalogue

From: RT.com

One of the largest toy chains in Sweden published a gender-neutral Christmas catalogue, which pictured boys playing with dolls and girls holding toy machine guns. The move has reignited a debate in Sweden over the proper place of gender roles.

Top Toy has produced children’s Christmas catalogues in Denmark and Sweden for both Toys R Us and BR. Though the catalogues’ page layouts are the same in both countries, the gender of the pictured kids is reversed in the Swedish edition.

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Sweden Arming The World: The Neutrality that Never Was

By Henrik Palmgren and Elizabeth Leafloor | RedIceCreations.com


Stockholm is bristling with weaponry today. Fighter jets can be seen and heard racing through the skies over a wondering populace. Is Sweden at war?
Not officially, but since WWII and despite a political position of neutrality, Sweden has been playing an increased role in international warfare. This can be clearly seen today, because this week FDS Nordic is taking place in Stockholm.

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Ancient tomb found at ’Sweden’s Stonehenge’

By Rebecca Martin | TheLocal

”The findings confirm what we have believed; that this has been a special place for a very long time,” said archaeologist Bengt Söderberg to news agency TT.

On Saturday, the first day of the dig, the scientists already had a hunch that they would find something on the site, expecting a Stone Age grave and a Bronze Age monument.

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Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and the 6-8 pieces of bread per day

Is this what “sound” science leads to?

Bread makes you pudgy, lazy and sick! Look into it.

Yet here they are, the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in 1976 telling you to eat 6-8 pieces of bread per day to stay healthy! Ha! How DEEP into the manipulation do you have to be, to accept this kind of vile propaganda by the government?

Also, know that this these billboards in commercialism free Sweden in 76 is funded and “recommended” by the the “bread institute” and the wheat industry. This is evidence of the corporate fascist state was rampant back in the social democrat heaven of ’76.

“Eat more bread!” it says.
“6-8. Won’t make you rounder. Just healthier.”

“The Bread Institute”

Read the rest of the story: here

Sweden Rejects Child Prostitution Damages Claim

From: thelocal.se (February 2008)

Sweden has said it will not award damages to two women claiming to have been exploited in a major prostitution scandal in the 1970s.

Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz, Sweden’s most senior legal official, said he had no reason to doubt that the women had been exposed to “a large number of sex offences”. But Lambertz also referred in his judgment to the statute of limitations, which imposes a ten year cut-off point for damages claims of this kind.

The women were just 14 years old when the scandal broke in 1976.

The Chancellor of Justice agreed with the women that a more thorough investigation ought to have been carried out at the time. But the failure of the investigation to lead to a prosecution did not constitute “an error on which to base a compensation claim”.

Lambertz also concurred with the women that prosecutors should have pushed harder to have those involved in the scandal convicted for purchasing sexual services from children. But this did not mean the women had a legitimate claim to damages, according to Lambertz.

Prosecutors at the time did not think they would be able to successfully pursue charges against the suspects “and for this reason it was not a serious mistake on the state’s behalf,” wrote Lambertz in his judgment.

Eva Bengtsson, one of the women claiming compensation from the state, said she was not surprised by the decision.

“It was expected, but I plan to keep going with this. I think these men should step forward,” she told news agency TT.

Bengtsson added that the verdict had left her with a sense of disappointment in the justice system.

“There shouldn’t be a statute of limitations for something like this. These men are pedophiles. We were 13 and 14 years old when this happened. It wouldn’t be accepted today,” she said, adding that she would reach a decision on how to press forward with the case after consultation with her lawyer.

The scandal began with a raid on a Stockholm brothel in 1976. In May of that year, the brothel madam, Doris Hopp, was arrested on pimping charges. A police investigation soon revealed that many of Hopp’s customers were well-known politicians.

Lennart Geijer

November 1977 newspaper Dagens Nyheter rocked the foundations of Sweden’s political establishment by publishing allegations citing Justice Minister Lennart Geijer as one of the customers.

The newspaper claimed as its source a report in which chief of police Carl Persson informed Prime Minister Olof Palme of the involvement of politicians in the prostitution scandal.

But Palme vehemently denied the allegations, accusing Dagens Nyheter of aggravated libel. The newspaper was forced into a retreat and two days after the publication Lennart Geijer received an official apology.

It later emerged however that, a few minor details aside, the newspaper’s assertions had in fact been largely correct. Over the years, there has been much speculation regarding the identities of those who made use of the brothel’s services.

At the time of the scandal broke, it was not illegal to pay for sexual services. But the fact that politicians socialized with prostitutes was viewed as a security risk since staff from foreign embassies were also reported to frequent the brothel.

Olof Johansson (in 1991) & Thorbjörn Fälldin

Former Prime Minister Thorbjörn Fälldin and former Centre Party leader Olof Johansson have both previously denied frequenting Doris Hopp’s brothel.

Article from: http://www.thelocal.se/10108/20080226/

Olof Palme Suspected Of Paedophilia
By Jonathan Newton | newtonline.wordpress.com

Olof Palme

…the most hushed-down scandal in Swedish history resurfaced again, and it fills me with such grief. It is a story that is on par with the infamous Belgian paedophile scandal, with the only difference that the cover-up has succeeded in this case.

The scandal in essence is that there is reason to believe that two Swedish Prime ministers during the 1970s, the internationally known Olof Palme, and Thorbjörn Fälldin, were customers at a network of prostitutes which involved underage girls. In other words, should the allegations be true, these men were paedophiles.

And not only them. The investigation – hushed down as it is – involves a long list of top politicians and celebrities of the time. Some 70 names have been mentioned.

The girls, around 14 at the time, have now grown up, and yesterday, they held a press conference where two of them are demanding compensation fron the Swedish state.

But it doesn’t end there. As I have mentioned, there has never been a proper investigation of these matters. Olof Palme lied to the entire Swedish people when he denied that the then head of the Swedish police, Carl Persson, had written to him to inform him that his Minister of Justice, Lennart Geijer, was frequenting prostitutes and could therefore be subject to blackmail – especially since some of the prostitutes were from the Communist bloc. Mr Persson’s note was disclosed in the daily Dagens Nyheter in 1977, but Olof Palme could see from the way the article was written that the paper did not have access to the note itself. Olof Palme very aggressively denied that the note had ever existed and called the whole thing rumours and worse, but in 1991, the note was declassified and confirmed that Mr Geijer was in fact buying sex.

Why Olof Palme put his entire career at stake to lie so blatantly – about something he likely knew was true – remains an enigma; he was murdered in 1986 and took his secrets to his grave. But the fact is that the former prostitutes yesterday repeated that he would hve beneone of their customers. Did he lie in order to protect himself?

Worse still, his Minister of Justice – Mr Geijer – was trying at the time to decriminalise paedophilia (yes, it’s true). Thank God he was stopped, but that further adds to the sleaziness of it all.

Meanwhile, the girls – several of whom have identified top politicians as customers, independently of one another – descended into personal problems and drug abuse, frustrated about the massive cover-up form the establishment. They have never budged one inch from their story; they insist to this day that what they allege is true.

The whole thing has resurfaced from time to time in Sweden, but has just as regularly vanished from the headlines again and led to no repercusisons at all. Only one person has ever been tried and found guilty, Sigvard Hammar, a marginal figure who was a TV journalist as well as a paraplegic and thus less into the circles of power, who also openly admitted abusing underage girls. But he was sentenced for procuring, not for abusing minors.

There is much more to say about this disgusting, nauseating, stomach-turning, sinister, evil, deprave, vicious mess. How Dagens Nyheter’s source, criminologist Leif G W Persson who worked for Carl Persson at the time, found not only his desk but his entire room emptied the day after Dagens Nyheter broke the story. How the cover-up in 1977 was orchestrated by people involving the then Chief Constable of Stockholm, Hans Holmér, the same police officer who later made a complete mess of the murder investigation ofOlof Palme - for whatever reason. How Thorbjörn Fälldin before the Swedish Parliament in 1977 stated that the entire list of suspects must have been false simply because his own name was on it – and how the Swedish nation chose to believe him.

And how an unknown number of young girls had their lives ruined by the men in power that were supposed to provide their ultimate security.

So, will there be a proper investigation this time? At present, it doesn’t seem likely. The story has already been moved to the back pages, and it seems that the whole thing will once again be ground down into the bureaucratic machinery.

Article from: http://newtonline.wordpress.com/2007/12/06/

Psychoanalyst Rollo May talking about Swedish society in “Sagolandet” (Fairy tale land)

Sweden is not back in the “comfortable” 80′s anymore …but in many regards the country and its people haven’t progressed much. Privatization and corporatism has gotten more intense, but the problem that Rollo May “circles” in this excerpt is still a pervasive one: Complacency and hopelessness. The documentary is from 1988.